Friday, April 27, 2012

New Addition To The Family Room

Do you remember me saying I wasn't buying anything new until our
house sold and we got moved?

I tried.... I really did! 

  I was doing well keeping this promise until I found a pair of
 antique capitals.  Antique salvage has always been a love of mine and I
couldn't leave the store without them.   Plus,  the price was fabulous.

Here is one of the capitals holding an antique olive jar and fern.

The other capital is in the corner with the green pot and palm tree.

My plan is to eventually place both of them on a long table with
matching urns. The urns will be a future purchase. 

I have been cleaning out and selling things I don't use.  A local consignment sale
sold $1500 of my decorative accessories in just one week.  

I was a happy consignor!

The Open House Party will resume the evening of May 2. 
Please email me if you are interested in having your home
featured at the party.

Have a great weekend.

xo, Sherry

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Home Tour Part 2

Hi everyone. 
 I hope you are having a great week.

In my last post I showed you a couple of the homes
we toured last weekend at the Homearama.  Here are
some random pictures taken of the other homes. 

Did you know the blue demijohns are rare and quite a bit more expensive
than the green ones?   I have looked for years for one and have only
seen two and both were over $350! 

This was a strange room to me.  The ceiling was pretty but the drapes and
wall color didn't seem to match at all.  There was also a rustic stacked stone
column dividing the room.

Subway fabric stretched on two rods.

 My granddaughters would love this American Girl room

The homes were decorated nicely but I can't say I was blown away
by any of them.  Some of the rooms were sparsely furnished and
many windows were left bare.  I am sure the economy and the
slow home market greatly influenced the decorating budget. 

It was still fun to tour the homes and all the proceeds went to

On another note...

The Open House Party will be back starting the evening of  May 2nd and
I am looking for homes to feature at the party.  If you would like your
home to be included send me an email at


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Monday, April 23, 2012

Home Tours & Open House Party

The annual Richmond Homearama is being held in our neighborhood
this year with eight decorated homes to tour.  Seven of the new homes sold
before the Homearama opened to the public and we were told they went
under contract for the full asking price.   Hopefully,  the housing market
is coming out of its slump...keeping our fingers crossed!

Enjoy the tour.....

House #1

Dark wall colors seemed to be the trend in many of these homes.

House #2

Our son and DIL have these chairs from World Market in their breakfast room. 
Several of the designers used these same chairs in the homes.

The coffer ceiling and walls painted the same color makes the room
appear larger.

This is a close up picture of coffee tables I liked at $625 each.  I am
thinking building with pallets for the same look.

Check back for Part II of the tour.  

** The Open House Party will be back starting on the evening of May 2nd. **
 I have missed seeing all your wonderful
links and hope to see you there.

Hugs,  Sherry

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A number of things have been reduced in my Etsy Shop  and I'll be adding
new items this week.

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Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Twin And Our Weekend

I hope everyone had a great weekend.

I recently showed you one of the urns I purchased at auction.
I filled that one with a collection of seashells and decided
to plant its twin with a birds nest fern, ivy and a couple
other plants.

It has now found a home in the morning room.

Yesterday Steve and I packed a picnic and headed to one of the state parks
for a little hiking.  The weather was perfect and such a beautiful day to be



We ended the weekend with a wonderful dinner out to celebrate
our anniversary.

Happy Anniversary Steve. 
 Marrying you was by far the smartest thing
I ever did.  


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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

In My Spare time

Hi everyone! 

Just a reminder that the Open House Party is on Spring Break for the
next few weeks.  I'll still be posting and visiting you, so please don't
go anywhere.

I had a little bit of spare time to work on some much delayed
projects.  Nothing earth shattering, but I am still happy to check these
off my to-do list.

  After Christmas I found a wreath holder on clearance and thought
it would make a great stand for my chalkboard. I spray painted the
stand and added picture wire to the tray with hot glue. I plan to use
it for hanging small signs and pictures too.

I found this old frame at a thrift store for a few dollars and painted
it white.  Hubby cut a piece of scrap wood to fit inside the frame and I
painted it with chalkboard paint. 

Easy Peasy but a great addition to our kitchen.

I am currently working on another project involving two chairs I purchased
off Craigslist.  The upholstery was very stained and the finish was a shiny surface
typical of the furniture included in a condo package.  If you have ever rented a
condo at the beach with 1980's furniture you know what I mean.

Even with all their problems I could see hope for these ugly ducklings.
Here is the before picture and I'll be back soon to show you their
unique transformation.  

If you missed my recent post about adding color with pillows
you can read it HERE.

Thanks for visiting! 
Have a safe and happy Easter.


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Monday, April 2, 2012

Adding Color To The Family Room

I have been trying to lighten up our home by painting the walls and replacing the
dark oriental rug with a sea grass one.  I love the neutral rooms shown on some of my
favorite blogs and design magazines, but I have come to realize I must  have some
color in our home.

Here is one thing I came up with...

The orange pillows look red in the pictures but they are actually close to
the same orange in our Deruta lamps.

Yours truly made these pillows. 

 I am not a seamstress and sewing machines are not my friends. 
 Yep, it took me a full day to make these four pillows!   Good
thing I am not sewing for a living, huh?

Gotta run...we have another showing on our home early tomorrow.
This means spending the evening cleaning house.
( After Dancing With The Stars of course)

Keep your fingers crossed for a sale.

**Don't forget the Open House party is on Spring Break**
for a few weeks.

xo, Sherry

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