Monday, January 30, 2012

Gray Willow

I hope everyone had a good weekend. 

 Hubby and I did a little antiquing and shopping on Saturday, then ended our
day out with a fabulous Italian dinner. 

We bought this very large willow trunk at Hobby Lobby.  Actually, this is the
third time we have bought this same basket.

We bought two of these baskets last year while vacationing in Florida and left them at
our son's house.  Our plan was to use them as end tables when we moved to the area.
My son and DIL fell in love with these baskets and their local store no longer carries them.
I knew from our conversations it was going to be a battle to get them back.

 Yesterday when I saw another of these trunks I grabbed it quickly.  Now I just need
to find one more so they can keep the other two!

The trunk has found a temporary home under the table.  Can you see how
large this thing is?  Love it!

Did you notice the plaster capital in the center of the table?  I had been looking
for a antique capital for quite a while with no luck.  I think Steve got tired of
hearing about it and decided to buy this one from Ballards for me.  I had no idea
he was looking at my catalogs,  it was a total surprise that he would order this.


The armillary was a $5.00 garage sale find last summer and the $2.00 demi-john  on
the right was one of my luckiest Goodwill finds.   

Gotta run...on my way to another Hobby Lobby to look for another trunk.  


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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Open House Party

Welcome to the Open House Party.
 I look forward to seeing what you have to share at this weeks party.
You will find the link at the bottom of this post. 

I am thrilled this week to be featuring Pamela,  the author of the popular
blog  From My Front Porch To Yours .  Pamela is also the weekly host of
Treasure Hunt Thursdays, a link party where you can share your finds for
that week.

Enjoy the tour of this beautiful home.

Aren't the curtain brackets pretty?

Love the vintage sofa.

Pamela,  thank you  for sharing your pretty home at the Open House Party
this week!

I hope you will visit From My Front Porch To Yours to see more of this
wonderful blog.

Even though there is not enough hours in my week to leave comments for
each of you,  please know how very much I appreciate you joining the party.


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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Swapping Furniture

Because our home is for sale I haven't been able to make any major changes around here.
There is nothing like being in the middle of a big project and getting a call that you have
a showing in one hour.

In other words...I am bored!

To help with the boredom I have been moving furniture around and doing some small

 The French style buffet in the dining room now resides in the living room.

The urn is filled with twenty marble eggs that were found at a thrift store along
with the alabaster grapes. 

The paper whites were planted before Thanksgiving and they are just now starting to bloom!
Whats up with that?

View from dining room.

The clock was also moved to the living room....

Now the antique Normandy armoire has a new home in the dining room. My
plan is to add shelving inside the two large doors to display more transferware.

Hubby hates it when I get bored because he knows there will be work involved!

If you would like to see decorating plans for our next home visit my
recent guest post at  The Enchanted Home .

Thanks for dropping by!

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Friday, January 20, 2012

Guest Post At The Enchanted Home

Hi everyone.

Today I am guest posting at  The Enchanted Home while Tina moves into her
beautiful new home.  I hope you will visit me there as I show you my decorating
plans for our "someday"  home.

See you there.

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Open House Party

Open House Party

Welcome to another week of the Open House party!

Each week a different blogger's home is featured and you also have the opportunity
to share your home decor, projects, recipes ect. at the linky party.  Thank you
for visiting and I hope you enjoy the party.

Today we are touring the beautiful home of Suzy at Worthing Court.  Suzy owns a
custom drapery workroom and you will need to visit her blog to see the stunning
window treatments she has created.

Love the open floor plan and those high ceilings.

Take a look at Worthing Court for more on this beautiful bedroom makeover.

Suzy,  thank you for sharing your pretty home at the Open House party this week. 

If you are not familiar with Worthing Court  please take a moment to visit this lovely blog.  

On to the linky party....

Sorry the Linky was not working.  Lets try again.

Thanks for visiting
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Monday, January 16, 2012

A Wonderful Surprise

Hi Everyone!

  I hope you are enjoying this long weekend.

We were in Florida the week before Christmas visiting family and while there
I played around with my daughter-in-law's new iPad.  It was so easy to use
and I love the FaceTime feature.  It knew it would be great to be able to see and talk
to my grand kids on it.  The $500 price tag was just more than I was willing to pay.

The day we arrived home from our trip I received an email in my spam
folder saying I had won an iPad.  It was deleted without opening.  Several
days later another email arrived and again was deleted.  A few days later
I received another email,  this time from a real estate company. 

This peaked my curiosity so I went to the real estate companies website
to look around.  Sure enough, there was my name mentioned as the winner
of a new iPad.

I had completely forgotten about entering this sweepstakes months before.  

The best part is now I can FaceTime with my grandchildren in Orlando.

I am having fun playing with this new toy.


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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Open House Party

Welcome to the Open House Party.

Thank you for helping make this party a success.  I am always in
awe of the creativity and talent shown by bloggers. 
You guys never disappoint!

Today's featured home belongs to Kelly of  The Essence of Home.   Kelly and Kim at
Savvy Southern Style are sisters and both these ladies have such wonderful
style.  I think they should join forces and begin a  decorating business.  I bet you
will agree when you see the tour of Kelly's beautiful home.

The Essence Of Home  is a beautiful new blog.  I hope you will
visit to see more of this gorgeous home.

Thank you Kelly for sharing your home at the Open House Party.

I look forward to seeing what you have to share at the party this week.


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Monday, January 9, 2012

$450 Sea Fan Project

I want to thank everyone that left such kind notes on the post where I 
mentioned my health issues.  I have faith that 2012 will be a good year!

I have been trying to get a start on my long list of projects to complete in 2012.  Today I wanted
to paint a small table and make a new chalkboard but the weather is not cooperating. 

You may have seen the picture in my sidebar of the Dyed Sea Fans I have for sale on
Etsy.  I have framed four of the blue sea fans in clear illusion frames and they now
hang in our family room.  With the illusion frames the color of the wall becomes
the background.

Last year while visiting the beach I wandered into a very high end decor shop. This
was the kind of shop where I rarely buy anything but I do get some great ideas for projects. 
The shop had a wall of blue framed sea fans that I fell in love with.

Are you sitting down?  You had better be sitting when I tell you the price was $450 each!. 
No, that is not a typo...$450 for ONE  framed sea fan.

If you have been reading my blog for any time you know I love a challenge and this
project had my name all over it.  As soon as I got home I ordered several sea fans
and bought Rit dye,  thinking this would recreate the beauties I saw in the shop.

Strike one. 
 The Rit dye barely changed the color of the fans and left it really blotchy.
There was very little color change even after soaking overnight.

Strike two
Back to the craft store to buy two other brands of dye.  No better results.

Strike three
The dye didn't work so lets try spray paint.  Not good,  the paint clumps
up in the holes and the fan gets stiff and brittle.  

Not a person to give up, I tried many methods, finally making my own dye.
The fans you see below were dyed using a three step process I developed.

After much trial and error I am thrilled with the results you see below.

Here are some other photos I found of dyed sea fans.

 Karen Robertson

The fans look beautiful sitting in a vignette or displayed inside a clear glass lamp.

 Love the white fans on the blue bead board wall.


My fans sell unframed for $31.00 each on Etsy.  The illusion frames are from Michaels and 
using a 40% off coupon cost around $21.00.  The total cost of this project is
 $52.00...sure beats $450!

This is just one of the many projects I have planned for my Etsy shop in 2012.  I am
now working on creating other colors for the fans
Any Suggestions?

Thanks for visiting and I would love to hear your feedback.


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