Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The Toughest Paint For Cabinets

Thanks so much for all your kind comments on our Kitchen Reveal post.           .

I promised to share with you the paint we used on the cabinets.   After reading several reviews we decided to use Benjamin Moore Advance Waterborne Interior Alkyd Paint in Dove White.   This turned out to be the best decision we made in the entire kitchen update.

kitchen renovation, white kitchens, painting kitchen cabinets

This is NOT a sponsored post for Benjamin Moore.  Actually I was offered a $100 gift card from another popular brand to purchase their paint for my project but I had heard so many great things about Advance that I declined the offer and purchased BM with my own money. 

Using Benjamin Moore Advance paint is a little more time consuming due to the 16 hour curing time between coats, but so worth every minute.   During this curing time the paint will level and brush strokes will not be visible.  The paint is latex ( water based)  but creates a hard coat like oil base and no top sealer required .

Here is an example of how very tough this paint is.  I used it on the background of the oyster sign  and once dry I tried to sand the sign to give it a distressed look.  No matter how hard I tried Coarse sandpaper would not even scratch the white paint.  

making signs, painted signs, oyster sign, beach sign, coastal sign

There are hundreds of post out there about painting cabinets so I won't go into great detail about the process.  I do want to share a few tips though.

Don't skimp on prep work.  This is critical to get a good and long lasting finish.

Use a really good brush.  I used Purdy brushes for the boxes and my husband spray painted the doors with the HomeRight Finish Max Paint Sprayer.   

Do not use a top sealer on this paint. 

We used a semi-gloss paint for a slight shine and for easier cleaning of the cabinets. 

A little over one gallon of paint covered our small kitchen.  This included the range hood and trim.  

Thanks for visiting!  I am off to update the guest bath vanity with the left over paint.  


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Monday, April 25, 2016

Finally.....The Kitchen Reveal!

Hi everyone.

Yes, I am finally getting around to showing you our updated kitchen.  It has actually been completed for several months but life has been crazy and unfortunately blogging has had to take a back seat.  I do plan on getting back to full time blogging once things settle down.

I am loving the new look of our kitchen, the stove hood and marble tile are my favorite part of the transformation.

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built in microwave, painting kitchen cabinets, marble tiles

You may remember what the kitchen looked like before.  Not bad...just a little dark for me.



Everything is finished except for installing new stainless steel appliances which will be done at a later time.  We added to the original plans by building in the microwave,  adding crown molding and tiling the back splash. 

Painting the cabinets was a job and quite time consuming.  Looking back now it was so worth the time and effort.

board and batten, adding bead board, bead board wallpaper, updating island

Thanks to my dad's help the plain sheet rock island has been changed to board and batten and bead board wallpaper.

board and batten, adding bead board, bead board wallpaper, updating island

Loving the new cabinet hardware from  D Lawless.

I reverse painted this LUNCH sign on a old picture frame. 

This OYSTER sign was also one of my projects.

built in microwave, painting kitchen cabinets, marble tiles

built in microwave, painting kitchen cabinets, marble tiles

Built-in microwave

built in microwave, painting kitchen cabinets, marble tiles

A special thanks to my wonderful sponsors that helped make this project a reality.

D Lawless  Cabinet hardware
HomeRight  Finish Max Paint Sprayer
Rockler Cordless Nail Gun
Purdy  Paint Brushes

I'll be back soon with details on the kitchen project including the toughest wearing paint for kitchen cabinets.

Thanks for dropping by,


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Thursday, March 24, 2016

2016 Spring Home Tour

 Hello Spring!

Welcome to the 2016 Spring Home Tour and a big THANK YOU to Marty at A Stroll Thru Life for including me in the company of all these amazing bloggers. You'll find the links to every one's tour at the bottom of this page.

 If you are coming via The Fifth House, welcome!  Isn't Carmel's home beautiful?

Thanks for dropping by and I hope you enjoy touring our home. We have lived in this home for a little less than two years now and we are slowly making it our style. 

I have to be honest with you, other than Christmas our home doesn't change much for the different seasons.  We live in Florida and the coastal look stays up year round.

The smallest olive jar is my latest purchase.  I seem to have a little obsession with these pots. 

My husband took the picture of the boat when we were vacationing in Crete.   I had it put on canvas as a reminder of a wonderful trip.

These giant clam shells had been on my radar for years but the price always stopped me from buying.  A few years ago I found this one at an antique market for a great price.  I immediately paid for it then called my husband to let him know he had just bought me my Christmas gift.  The shell weighs a ton so it never gets moved from this spot.

Last year we removed a wall to create a dining room.  It really open up our living area.


My favorite part of our home is the enclosed courtyard which the house is built around.  It is approximately 1000 square feet so it really extends our living area.  We entertain here, eat dinner most nights in the courtyard and enjoy lots of relaxing time here.  It is screened so we don't have to deal with all the annoying bugs we have here in Florida.

The original builders plan had a smaller pool located in the courtyard.  We are so glad the original owners opted instead to put the pool in the back of the house. This gives us so much more usable outdoor space.

Thanks for visiting and don't forget to check out the other bloggers participating in the 2016 Spring Tour.  If you like what you see I would love for you to follow No Minimalist Here via email, Bloglovin, Facebook or Pinterest. You can find all these options in the sidebar. 

Enjoy this beautiful weather!



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Monday, March 7, 2016

Birthday In One Of My Favorite Towns

Hi everyone.

 I promise I haven't fallen off the face of the earth!   I do plan on being back to blogging full time very soon.

Last week my sweet husband took me to St. Augustine for a few days to celebrate my birthday.  It had been years since we visited this wonderful historic town and previous trips had been just for the day.  Staying several days gave us the opportunity to really explore and enjoy all that St. Augustine has to offer.

One of our favorite days was spent visiting the lighthouse and the keepers house.  The house is beautiful and just look at the magnificient oak trees. Make sure and take the tour included in the admission price.  The guide showed us areas not seen by those self touring. 

restaurants st augustine

Everyone visiting St Augustine must visit the historic town center.

historic st augustine

My birthday lunch was at the Columbia, a restaurant that is close to my heart and brings back wonderful childhood memories,   The first Columbia restaurant was in Ybor City, just outside Tampa.  Growing up this was a favorite restaurant and dad would take me each year for my Birthday. I felt so grown up sitting in this beautiful restaurant sipping a Shirley Temple beside my handsome dad. .  

Columbia st Augustine, St Augustine restaurants, st augustine reviews

We stopped by the Seafood Festival and everything looked yummy....except the alligator and conch which I passed on!

I hope you enjoyed the tour of St Augustine and a big THANKS to my amazing husband for a wonderful birthday.


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Friday, February 5, 2016

What Happens When You Don't Eat Black Eyed Peas And Greens

On New Years day you will find many southerners eating black eyed peas and greens. The tradition is that the peas are suppose to bring good luck, or coins and the greens bring wealth in the new year .  Being raised in a southern home this was always a tradition and one I continued with my own family and friends. 

This January 1st we were out of town and missed eating our normal New Years meal.  Now,  I don't consider myself a superstitious person at all but after everything that happened in January I am beginning to think there is something to all of this.  LOL

New Year traditions, black eyed peas and greens, southern traditions

We were stranded for two hours waiting for a tow truck.  Major car repairs were needed. $$$$

Our credit card number was stolen.  Let's just say that the thief has very expensive taste.  

My camera lens broke and has to be replaced

We hired a company to clean rust stains from our salt water pool.  The chemical he used caused  four leaks which now will require draining the pool, chiseling out the area around pipes and doing repairs.  Oh,  the rust stains are still there.  $$$

Wheel bearing on Steve's car needed to be replaced.  This is the 2nd one in two months.

Florida Blue cancelled my health insurance "per my request".  WHAT?   Many,  many phone calls later (average hold time 1 hour + per call)  I thought it was finally resolved.  A few days later I received a letter with my new premium amount which was four times higher than my prior cost!  Finally corrected after another round of phone calls. 

I accidentally deleted the Project Page on my blog,  including a couple hundred pictures and links.  It will take me weeks to rebuild the page. 

My cousin and I had a garage sale that was a BIG flop.  Friday the weather was suppose to be 72 degrees and chance of rain late afternoon.  We barely got everything set up by 8:00 am and it started to rain.  We took everything down and waited the rain out.  About an hour later we were able to set everything up again only to have it start pouring down rain a couple of hours later.  Same thing happened on Saturday with rain, high winds and temps that dropped to 50 degree.  About the only things we sold were the items we bought from each other!

I found out I have an ulcer....I wonder why? 

Is all of this a coincidence or should I get a rabbits foot, four leaf clover, lucky penny, a horseshoe and stay in bed on Friday the 13th just in case?  Either way you can bet I'll be eating black eyed peas and greens next New Years. 


Here is a little info on how the tradition of eating black eyed peas and greens started.....

"The story of THE BLACK EYED PEA being considered good luck relates directly back to Sherman's Bloody March to the Sea in late 1864. It was called The Savannah Campaign and was lead by Major General William T. Sherman. The Civil War campaign began on 11/15/64 when Sherman 's troops marched from the captured city of Atlanta, Georgia, and ended at the port of Savannah on 12/22/1864. 

When the smoke cleared, the southerners who had survived the onslaught came out of hiding. They found that the aggressors had looted and stolen everything of value and everything you could eat including all livestock, death and destruction were everywhere. While in hiding, few had enough to eat, and starvation was now upon the survivors. 

The Northern army had taken everything they could carry and eaten everything they could eat. But they couldn’t take it all. The devastated people of the south found for some unknown reason that Sherman ’s troops had left silos full of black eyed peas. 

At the time in the north, the lowly black eyed pea was only used to feed stock. The northern troops saw it as the thing of least value. Taking grain for their horses and livestock and other crops to feed themselves, they just couldn’t take everything. So they left the black eyed peas in great quantities assuming it would be of no use to the survivors, since all the livestock it could feed had either been taken or eaten. 

Southerners awoke to face a new year in this devastation and were facing massive starvation if not for the good luck of having the black eyed peas to eat. From New Years Day 1866 forward, the tradition grew to eat black eyed peas on New Year’s Day for good luck.   

Are you superstitious or are there traditions you follow?

Thanks for visiting.


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