Work from Home Essentials for Your Rental Home

Working from home is now more common than ever, especially in the post-Covid era. Many people directly engage in some form of remote or hybrid work that lets them enjoy the comforts of home. 

However, it’s easy to lose yourself and struggle to maintain a balance when your bed is also your workplace. Thus, you can improve your productivity by transforming a room into a home office. Compelling property listings often highlight when they have a suitable space for this purpose because many employees are looking to set up a cozy workplace. 

This article outlines 7 work from home essentials you need to maximize your productivity and comfort.   

7 Work from Home Essentials for your Rental

An Ergonomic Table

Working exclusively from your couch or bed is not the most suitable arrangement. Not only can they get uncomfortable after a while, but it affects your productivity when space doesn’t have a designated purpose. Thus, in creating a home office, you need an ergonomic table. 

Not that we used the word ergonomic to emphasize that the table must be comfortable to use. A too-high, low, or rough surface won’t cut it. If you don’t have one at home, you should buy an office table that fits your budget. Further, you could consider the benefits of a height-adjustable desk. They allow you to elevate your workspace and continue your task while standing. That way, you avoid sitting for long hours at a stretch.

An Office Chair

What’s the point of an ergonomic table without a matching chair to go with it? If you’re going to sit in front of your computer all day, then you need a seat that’s as comfortable as possible. Investing in an office chair might seem like an excessive splurge when you have plenty of options at home. However, they might not be able to provide you with the long-term lumbar support you need. 

As a result, you might have neck or back pain that could impair your productivity. If you’re going out to get a new chair, ensure you try it out before purchasing. You’ll need to be sure it’s the right height and frame to accommodate your needs. If you rent from a reputable landlord, then you could ask them for furniture recommendations or if they can loan you one in storage. 

Reliable Wi-Fi

Unreliable Wi-Fi is arguably one of the most annoying things in the office. In big companies, there’s often a department of IT guys constantly monitoring and available to restore the internet when it goes down. Unfortunately, you might not have the luxury when working from home. 

Thus, you must consider the reliability of your internet provider before subscribing. Additionally, you should also ensure that the speed and connectivity are to your satisfaction. To that end, you can inquire from the company or read customer reviews for more insight. If you can afford it, you can commit to two service providers, so you have a backup if one fails. 

Appropriate Lighting

If you’re going to get any work done, you need great lighting to see. Most people like to place their table next to a window to maximize the sun’s rays. However, if that’s not possible or you work late, you’ll need artificial lighting. It would be best to invest in LED bulbs which are a bright and energy-efficient solution. Working in a well-lit room can help you avoid eye strain and headaches. 

Besides, if you have a lot of online meetings where you can’t avoid turning on your video, you need to illuminate your face. That makes it easier for the people seeing you and gives you a more professional feel.

Work Devices

People that work from home often need one or two devices to complete their tasks. Some jobs might require using a laptop or computer for greater efficiency. On the other hand, your phone or tablet might suffice. It all depends on your needs. 

At times these devices might be beneficial for keeping notes, using reminders, and making calls to other colleagues. While using these devices, you must remember to have their chargers handy. Having an office charger can save you the time and stress of going to another room to get one when your battery is low. 

Writing materials

Paper, markers, envelopes, and other writing utensils are essential items nearby. You never know when you might need to take down a note or reminder quickly. You don’t have to wait till you’re scrambling for a pen to go out and get them. It would help if you bought a few and left them in your office, so you don’t have to look for them when it’s crucial.  

Creating a Space Storage Design

Install modular shelves

Modular shelves are highly flexible storage options that give you customizable features you can tailor to your needs. They’re often floor-to-ceiling options that increase your storage space and allow you the opportunity to exercise creativity. For instance, you can make room for a TV by removing the middle layers. The movable shelving makes it easy to adjust units according to your needs. 

Buy a fire-proof safe

If you store confidential documents in your office, investing in a fire-proof safe might be worth it. You can protect them from prying eyes and keep them secure from damage. 

Get furniture with built-in storage space

If you’re looking to maximize your storage space, opt for furniture with built-in storage space. Several classy office desks with cabinets let you store your writing materials, documents, and other work utensils. 

Go digital

A lot of office clutter tends to be loose paper. Rather than pile up unnecessary documents, you can scan them and turn them into easily storable pdf files. You can let go of excess pages, knowing you have a safe copy in your drive. 


Work from home essentials for your rental home can help you establish a better work-life balance. When you have everything you need at arm’s length, it is easier to maximize your time and get on with your schedule. Even if you’re short on space, you can still leverage innovative ways to create office storage. 


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