Tips for Keeping Your Home Clean Throughout the Week

According to experts, an average person takes an hour to clean their house every day. However, juggling between errands, work, parenthood, and general life, cleaning the house can be challenging. It may not be possible to clean your house daily. However, there are some quick things you can do to ensure you live in a clean place.

Clean One Room at a Time

The best way to keep a tidy space is to clean one room at a time. By splitting cleaning day by day, you can have the entire house cleaned by the end of the week. Here is how you do it.


Dishes are the biggest culprits of a dirty kitchen. Make sure your sink has soapy water to remove the grease and food leftovers. This way, it will be easy to lean the dishes and remove the bad smell in the kitchen. Clean the countertops with biodegradable wipes, organize the refrigerator, sweep the floor and clean the appliances.


The best way to keep your bedroom clean is proper storage. Make sure you have places to keep your accessories and clothes. If you do not have enough space, consider investing in baskets and containers and keep them under the bed. Ensure you make your bed every day and fold your blankets. Dust the nightstands and shelves and vacuum the floor.


This is a delicate part of your house that must be cleaned daily. It is easy for the bathroom to get messy, from shower grime to soap mess and toothpaste dirt. It can be ideal for cleaning the bathroom after use instead of waiting for the end of the week. Keep the sinks clean and remove spots on mirrors. Scrub the tub and toilet and mop the floor to keep the place glittering.

Living Room

The living room is probably the place with the most foot traffic. Therefore, it quickly gets dirty with daily use. Make sure everything stays where it should be. To achieve this, declutter the room and dust the coffee tables. Fold the blankets and vacuum the floors. If the room receives constant foot traffic, it can be good to place a shoe rack where people can put their dirty shoes before they get into the house. You can also look for hidden storage to keep items like books, toys, and games.

Develop a Cleaning Routine and Stick to It

Now that you know that it is best to clean one room at a time, how do you stick to the routine? The best way is to develop a habit of keeping everything where it should be and organizing everything. It can be a good idea to split the tasks into daily, weekly, and monthly routines to ensure your house is in top condition throughout. Do not wait until the house gets messy. Try doing the small things that eliminate a lot of work during the deep cleaning.


Figuring out how to clean your house is always difficult, especially when you are running against time. However, from the details discussed above, putting a little effort every day into accomplishing simple cleaning tasks will ensure your house stays lean throughout the week.


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