What Are the Features of a Shaker Kitchen Door?

Shaker kitchens have been, and continue to be, a popular choice for kitchen redesigns. Whether it’s a little refresh or a completely new kitchen, more and more people are choosing to use the shaker style in their kitchens.

The most prominent and distinguishing feature of shaker kitchens are the doors, and more specifically their design, construction and impact on a kitchen. So what is the shaker style, and what are the components of a shaker door?

The Shaker Style Origins

The shaker style originates from the Shakers, who were a religious group formed in England in the 18th century. They moved to the United States in 1780 and practised a clean and simple lifestyle, which was reflected in their furniture, music, architecture and also their kitchens. The relatively basic style of their kitchens stood the test of time and continued to be popular even when the numbers of Shakers dwindled massively. Whilst the shaker style is increasingly popular, the Shaker lifestyle isn’t, as only a handful of people still practise it.

Shaker Doors and Drawers

The main components of a shaker-style kitchen are the shaker doors and drawers. Classic and elegant, they feature a frame and a recessed centre panel to give a sleek and stylish yet unassuming look to your kitchen. They don’t feature any intricate carvings or patterns, giving them a neutral yet effective look.

They’re a timeless design and are suitable for a number of different kitchen styles including modern, country and contemporary kitchens. You can coat them in any lick of paint or give them any style of handle and they’d look right at home.

The design will never go out of fashion, meaning if you choose shaker doors and drawers for your kitchen, then your kitchen will be futureproofed.

Shaker Door Construction

Shaker doors are typically made from four panels – two stiles and two rails – as well as a flat panel. The stiles are vertically placed whilst the two rails are horizontal, and the flat panel is placed in the middle to give the door a recessed and three-dimensional feel.

The wood for shaker doors and drawers is usually a high-quality hardwood like oak or birch, and historically they’ve been made out of woods like maple, pine and cherry. The change has developed due to the sustainability of the hardwoods available to use.

Shaker Colours

When it comes to the colours you use, shaker doors and panels are very versatile. If it’s a relatively muted colour, then there are numerous options you can choose from to paint your kitchen, including a range of neutral colours, greys, warm neutrals, greens and blues. So no matter what feel you’re going for with your kitchen, the shaker-style door will perfectly suit it.

Timeless Style

The shaker style has stood the test of time, originating from the 18th century and still being popular today. So what is it about the style that means it’s stood the test of time? Well, it comes down to a handful of things: its style and construction.

The style could be seen as relatively basic, but it’s an effective style which is free from decorations that could easily date. Ornate carvings may look impressive, but they can really date a kitchen, whereas the simplicity of the shaker style really does avoid this, meaning they can still match well with any kind of finish, floor, countertop and kitchen appliances.

The high-quality and hardy materials that shaker kitchens are used from means that a shaker kitchen is built to last, and won’t fall apart easily. It means when you pick a shaker kitchen, it’s a long-term investment. You won’t need to go out and order a completely new kitchen in a few year’s time because the kitchen will be as strong and stable in a decade’s time as it was on the day it was installed.