Can You Leave a Deck Box Outside In the Winter?

As the seasons change, you might be getting your yard ready for winter. Winter can sneak up on you, so preparing your yard early is essential to a well-winterized yard. Otherwise, you might be left scrambling around the yard in the cold and maybe even snow trying to get things ready. Making sure your patio furniture and storage are ready for the winter is a very important part of the winterization process. You might be wondering, though, can I leave my deck box outside in the winter? It’s probably storing things you want to keep dry and safe, so this is a very important question. Let’s explore this further.

So, Can They Be Left Outside?

While the answer is typically yes to whether you can leave a deck box outside, it’s important to do some research. If the deck box is marketed as outdoor furniture, it should be able to be outside in all seasons. However, not all deck boxes are created equal. Some have features that make them better candidates for being left outside and some require prep if they’ll be left out. 

Make Sure It’s Built to Be Outside

The first thing to check is if your deck box truly is outdoor furniture. If it is, many times there will be notes on the product description or box that give specific instructions for how your deck box should be cared for and handled. So, be sure to check there first. Also, check the material type that the box is made out of because this can also influence how the deck box needs to be handled. Some materials are more finicky than others when it comes to being out in the elements.

Check the Materials

Some materials stand up to the elements better than others. For example, wood can handle being out in the elements, but it also comes with maintenance. You see, wood can rot, rust, and peel over time if it’s exposed to the elements. So, while it can be left outside, it might need some TLC when spring rolls around. 

Resin is another material that deck boxes can be made from. It’s much more weather-resistant than wood. It can be left in the rain, wind, snow, and sun without rotting, rusting, or peeling. So, there’s a lot less maintenance. Resin also has the added benefit of being able to have a wood-like look. So, you can still have that classic wood deck box look without as much maintenance. 

Some people prefer wicker deck boxes because they have a really pretty look. While they can be left out in the elements, they may not do as well in the rain and snow. Wicker isn’t exactly waterproof. So, it might not protect items as well as other types of deck boxes.

Is it Weather-Proof?

If an item is weather-proof or not really depends on the material it’s the deck box is made from. Plastics and resins tend to be more waterproof than other materials like wood or wicker. Wood can still be weather-proof if it’s been treated properly. Wicker might be okay too, but it depends on the product. Typically, wicker will not do as well in the rain and snow as other materials.

Pack Items Away Properly

No matter what type of deck box you have, it is important to make sure your items are packed away properly before winter weather hits. Be sure items are neatly stored away and that there’s nothing that can freeze or be ruined in the cold.

So, can you leave your deck box outside in the winter? The answer is yes so long as it’s weather-proof. If you’re looking for a great durable weather-proof option, Keter deck boxes are the way to go.


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