Vintage Garden Show & New Purchases For The Courtyard

Steve and I went to a vintage garden show last weekend held at Renningers in Mount Dora, Fl.   This is the same location that hosts the huge Extravaganza Antique Market several times per year.




I’ve always loved vintage garden furniture and there was lots of iron and wicker pieces at
the show.  We were shopping for items for our soon to be home,  especially the enclosed
courtyard.   The house is Mediterranean style and I envision the courtyard with lots of
plants and iron furniture.

I couldn’t pass on these large pots. They were made in Italy and will be perfect for

our palm trees.


I love the pots but this iron gate is the pièce de résistance !   The vintage gate will become
the entrance to the courtyard.

Enjoy more pictures of the landscaping at Renningers Flea market in Mount Dora, Fl.

We close on our home in two weeks and I am excited to start updating and decorating.
Thanks for visiting and have a great week.

27 thoughts on “Vintage Garden Show & New Purchases For The Courtyard”

  1. I adore the iron gate. I cannot wait to see it as the entry to your garden. I love the photo of the asparagus fern in the birdhouse. Good luck on the house closing.

  2. I love the new pots and beautiful gate you bought! I know you can't wait to finally have your own home again. They will look beautiful in your courtyard garden.

  3. I was going to go this last weekend and just did not make it….Now I regret it! That gate will be perfect what a find! Are you going to the Fancy Flea, we could meet up, I will probably be going on the first day, I think it is a two day show and the first day is Friday?


  4. Renninger's looks like a wonderful place to shop. I love the iron gate. I'll bet you ARE excited to move into your new home. It will be fun to watch your progress as you put everything together.
    Blessings to you Sherry,

  5. We've been to Mount Dora but never for one of the big sales. I've heard they are awesome though. One of these days I'd like to go. We've sure had beautiful weather to be out and about! Enjoy your weekend! Hugs, Diane

  6. Hi Sherry! I think that your purchases will go great in your Italian courtyard! Thanks so much for sharing those photos of the garden show…it's kinda like being there for me. Also, it gives me some inspiration to get out in my own backyard and start sprucing up out there…it's a mess!

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