Twigs And A Firkin

Hello all!   Donna over at  Funky Junk  is having a Stick, Twig and Branches linky at her Saturday Night Special party.  I thought this would be a good time to show you the last of my Fall decorations.

First is a French style wall basket I have had for years and it now hangs in our dining room.  You’ll see it the basket again at Christmas all decked out.  This arrangement changes with the seasons.

The branches and the flowers cascading down the basket are all made of paper.
I have added Fall decor to my antique Firkin.  So what is a firkin?  It is a wood bucket used to hold sugar.


I am displaying the Firkin on my new Restoration Hardware  knock-off table .  The antlers are a recent purchase and the antique pot is from the mid 1800s. I bought two of these pots at auction for $5.00!
I promise no more Fall decor. I am ready to start planning for Christmas!
 Lynn at  A Vintage Nest is a blogging buddy and my new junkin partner. She is hosting a Give Thanks linky party on November 19Th.  Please add it to your calendar and drop by to visit Lynn.

30 thoughts on “Twigs And A Firkin”

  1. Hi Sherry~ That basket is a beauty- I love the idea of having one thing like a basket that you can change around with the seasons! I didn't know what a firkin was until your post- but what a neat little bucket!! Great score on the pots at auction too! I will be sure to check out Lynn's party- sound like fun!! 🙂

  2. Hi Sherry,
    I love your fall arrangement with the sticks. Sticks always seems to make the florals look better by adding texture and height.

    Glad I know what those sugar buckets are called.


  3. Hi Sherry! I actually have a Firkin, and it's funny as it's a sewing kit type. It's pretty old, I've had it a while and even painted it many years back. It's one of the items I'm thinking of selling in my shop in Jan. What a fun party, I should link up , but have linked to so many at this point. I love your twigs, and beautiful fall display. You're very talented. The table is awesome by the way, I love a bargain, well done, tami

  4. I feel better knowing what a firkin is too and the white pumpkin looks beautiful sitting in it. I love using twigs too, I'm about to fill ten pumpkins for centerpieces for a church function and all of them will contain twigs to give them that casual outdoor look. Thanks so much for posting.

  5. Absolutely beautiful display of fall. I love the antique firkin! What a great purchase was. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a sweet comment about my kitchen. Enjoyed my visit at yours.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. Very pretty, Sherry! I love your basket! I had purchased something similar last year to make up for my front door. When I was done, I hung it on my inside/main door and went to close it over. The door would not close! I forgot to take into account the storm door and that the depth between the two doors was not enough for this basket! I was so sad, but my daughter jumped right in to say she'd take it. I wish I'd thought to hang it on a wall!

  7. Sherry, could you bring that old pottery vase with you this morning and give it to me? 🙂 See you shortly. P.s. I am so jealous of your office space. You are welcome to come decorate mine if you want. I will give you a free lunch. xo

  8. You have such a talent for making the most humble of things like firkins look stunning. I've never seen or heard of one until today. But I'm loving it (probably because of the antlers spilling out!)

    I have a couple of those French wall baskets and they never looked that good. I finally gave up on the small one and hung it in the pantry. It holds plastic grocery bags. Is that sad or what?!

  9. Sherry, I love your Firkin, I have one too, but I don't think is authentic like yours. never knew it was used to hold sugar, very interesting. Marla

  10. Sherry,

    Every time I come to your site I feel warm and I am not "menopausing" yet! LOL

    Jokes apart, I simply love all the decor you create… by the way, since you like arrangements and decor, I have a post about a new online magazine and they have beautiful arrangements… go take a look if you can.

    tell me what you think, ok?


    Luciane at

  11. Love your gorgeous wall basket. It is so pretty and the floral arrangement is just stunning. Love your Firkin and the beautiful jug. Such a pretty display. Gorgeous vignettes. Thanks so much for linking to TTT. Hugs, Marty

  12. Furkin – well, just goes to show a person can learn something new everyday. I love it when someone uses an old item and makes something beautiful with it.

  13. Oh wow! I am a newbie here Sherry and have no idea why it took me so long to find you! I am having lots of fun reading and looking…and I adore the firkin arrangement! I have a firkin I love and the poor thing is sitting her naked! After seeing yours, mine is quite beside itself that I have yet to dress it up! I think I shoudl do that immediately! Thank you for all the inspiration!

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