Turkish Rug, Kilim Pillow And Olive Jars

I was recently offered my choice of any rug from Unique Rug Store and any kilim pillow cover from Kilim Pillow Store.  Below are the beauties I selected.
This is a sponsored post however all opinions are my own.
Turkish Olive Jar, Antique olive jar.
antique olive jars, Turkish jars
The Turkish rug is layered over my Pottery Barn Jute rug and I love the color it adds to the room.
Here you can see a few of my antique olive jars from Turkey.


  Each pillow cover at Kilim Pillow Store is made from 30-40 years old vintage wool kilims,  so each piece is unique and has a own story. 

The products at Unique Rug Store include handmade wool rugs, over dyed rugs, machine made wool rugs, patchwork and printed rugs. They shave the vintage Turkish rugs, bleach, colorize, and over dye by soaking the rugs in pools of boiling water with textile dyes.  Each rug is unique in size, pattern and color.

The items were shipped from  Istanbul and I was shocked that both pieces arrived in a week. Please check out these companies if you are thinking of adding a rug or pillow to your decor.


7 thoughts on “Turkish Rug, Kilim Pillow And Olive Jars”

  1. Those are all so pretty! I love the look of kilim fabrics. I used to have some kilim pillows from Turkey that I ordered from Ebay. I don't have them anymore since I changed my decor but they are certainly classic and timeless! Glad that you are enjoying yours.

  2. Ohhh, I LOVE the rug! And, what a genius idea to put over a jute rug! Perfect texture for the rug over it! I read a funny comment you wrote on Knick of Times blog (a 2013 post, lol!), about her Silhouette machine, & between your genius name, and the funny comment about making one project, after having the machine for 2 yrs, I laughed! And, I laugh, bc, well, I can relate, more than u know!! Lol! My ex is a minimalist, I'm a lover of all things Primitive, Shabby Chic, Junk Cottage, etc etc etc… Mix that with a love for crafting, and… Well, let's just say, there is def No Minimalist Here, either! 😉 Hahaaa!!! Glad I found ya! And, happy your still here! I already made the coffee, so, here I go, off on my merry, blog reading way! Lol!

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