Summer Home Tour

Welcome to the Summer Home Tour.
A big thank you to Marty at A Stroll Thru Life for inviting me to join some very
talented blogging pals for the tour. 

If you arrived here from Driven By Décor ….welcome!  Don’t you just love Kris’s beautiful dining room?

We moved into our house approximately one year ago and it is still a work in process.  Slowly we are wiping away the builder grade features and making this “our home”

Please come in and I’ll show you around

Our home is somewhat unique as you enter through the screened courtyard and the house is built around it.  The front door is at the other end of the courtyard.

There is a separate guest suite located right behind the patio table.

When we moved in there was only the palm tree and one plant in the courtyard.  It’s been hit or miss finding plants that will take the extreme heat.  The day I took these pictures it was 94 degrees!
 It cooled down enough after a little rain shower to have dinner in the courtyard.
The courtyard is one of the most used “rooms” in our home.  We eat many of our meals here and it is a great place to entertain.
Please come inside where it is cool.

The Foyer




Step into our living room.
The sofa pillows are a new addition to the room. The coral pillow is from Bealls and the others I purchased from Michaels.
 Did you guess my favorite color is blue?



Our dining room remodel was just completed a couple of weeks ago.  A wall was removed, new flooring, paint, chandelier and molding added.  You can see more of the dining room and the”before” pictures here .


The rug is a dark cobalt blue and matches the curtains.  This is the third rug I tried and I think this one is a keeper.
Eat-in Kitchen area


Master Bedroom
We love our salt water pool….no chemicals and very little upkeep!  On these hot Florida days it gets lots of use.  It is solar heated so actually we use it year round.
You can tour more of our home HERE
I hope you enjoyed the tour of our home and don’t forget to visit the other 29 bloggers participating in the Summer Home Tour.
A special thank you to Marty for inviting me to participate with such a talented group of ladies.

27 thoughts on “Summer Home Tour”

  1. Sherry, your home is beautiful! It takes a while to pull things together and you've done an amazing job in a year. I love your beautiful style. So fresh and lovely and French!
    love and blessings~
    Lynda @ Gates of Crystal

  2. So loved this tour Sherry as our last home in Florida was so very similar to yours with the house built around the pool…One day I shall be knocking at your door!…Love the dining room rug…peeking at it, love that rug with the beautiful drapes.
    Your home is coming along so beautifully!!! Have a wonderful day!

  3. Sherry, I love your new home. I can't believe you pulled together this magazine-worthy home in a year. Just fabulous. You must be so happy in your new place. I want your courtyard. I would spend most of my time there too.

  4. Your house just looks so pretty now, Sherry! I think you've done such a wonderful job melding your frenchy things with the coastal vibe. The blue is beautiful!

  5. Your courtyard and pool area are absolutely stunning – can I move in? 🙂 I love all of the unique little touches throughout your home like the trophy cup filled with coral – beautiful!

  6. Your new home is a DREAM!!! I have always wished we could live in Fl. but it is not to be. I LOOOOVE all the blue, you know I love blue too! Having a courtyard and pool is so wonderful, I would be out there all the time too….except when it was 90, then I would be IN the pool:):) Thanks so much for the tour. It is all gorgeous! You have done amazing things in one year!!!!!

  7. So happy to come across your blog through this home tour. And your blog name couldn't be more perfect (fellow maximist here)! I love the rich colors and accents you have. It's all so beautiful!

  8. Your home looks beautiful! I love all of the blue and white. I love how French your bed looks too. I don't remember seeing it before.

  9. Everything looks beautiful, Sherry! So happy to have found your blog through this tour! That courtyard is so fabulous – I would be out there all summer long too and the blues… I love all of the blues 🙂

  10. Gorgeous! We just returned from my son's home in south Florida. I always wonder if I could be happy there where the homes are so different from what I'm used to. Uh, yeah. I believe I could be very happy if it looked like yours! 🙂

  11. I'm in love with your fabulous courtyard, Sherry! What a beautiful setting you've created, I can't even imagine it with one lonely plant! The blues and the lamps in your living room are stunning!

  12. Your home is beautiful! I want a house with a courtyard similar to yours.., an enclosed courtyard with lots of privacy. I love indoor outdoor living. I love all the blues you decorated with.

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