Still House Hunting & Favorites

I hope you had a good weekend.
 Steve and I spent several days house hunting in St Augustine, Palm Coast
and Fleming Island. It’s hard enough to find a new home but not knowing
what area you want to live in complicates it even more. This will be our
“forever” home so we want to make sure that we love the town and the
surrounding area.  So far we have pretty much covered the East Coast of
Want to see some of our favorite homes from this trip?  Sorry, but I
completely forgot to take interior pictures.
We really liked this home but it would be a custom build and take 7-8 months to
complete.  Since I am a little very picky about the quality of construction, being
three hours away during construction could be a problem.
 This re-sell was our favorite!  Unfortunately, the builder completed several custom
homes in this subdivision and then went belly up.  Another builder took over and
is building smaller and less expensive homes. 

This home is in a gorgeous neighborhood and could be a lot prettier with additional landscaping.

Loved the palm trees.



This home is on the St Johns River.

Nest week we head to the West coast for more house hunting.

Do you have a favorite from the homes above?



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  1. Without seeing the insides, I'd vote for the river house. You can do many things to make you love a house but you can't make a view like that. 🙂

  2. Sherry I didn't realize you were moving again! I hope you find the perfect home. I do love the one with the palm trees in front……you would be glad of that shade and they take so long to get that large! My sister is in Deerfield Beach (way south) and I visit her each November….I am always so glad she has shade in her yard because it's warm even then!

  3. Such hard decisions. Please be careful about stock houses. Remember this is Florida and the weather and sun is pretty hard on the exteriors. We have friends that bought a brand new house and within 5 years everything started falling apart. If you can do some research on the builders and their homes, it might help you narrow your field. It might be better if you could find a custom home resell.

    Jocelyn @

  4. They're all so pretty! Gosh, that last one caught my eye with the pool and view of the river. That would be my pick if the other ones didn't offer that same amenity and view. You need a pool in FL!

  5. Well, outside, of course I love the one with the palms! One of those looks like it is in Port St. Lucie. Any chance that is right?

    I love the St.Augustine area and surrounding area. I have lived both coasts and prefer the waters on the East coast but the West Coast is wonderful, too, with all its white sand beaches. Our friends just got a steal on a house in the Tampa Bay area…although I don't know that I would want to retire there.

    It will be interesting to see what you find! You are doing some of my work for me at this point…lol

    I would echo the sentiments of Jocelyn and tell you that concrete houses are much better down there…impervious to most of the weather and termites (which can be a huge problem in FL)

    Good luck- xo Diana

  6. My fave is the first one. If I would choose a 'forever' home, I would definitely go with one with no stairs! Hahaha! Just for practicality – easier to clean and don't know how my knees will be 30 years from now. But all the houses you looked at are all gorgeous! Good luck!

  7. Dear Sherry, Looking at your photographs proves that homes need trees. I agree with you…the second home is the most appealing. I love the little courtyard with the umbrella. However, I don't think that you have found the right one. Part of the fun is in the looking.
    By the way, we built a house in the country while living 2 hours away. It was not difficult and so worth it when you have the right builder.

  8. They're all gorgeous!!!
    I think I love the 2nd one most of all – wow you're looking at LARGE homes Sherry!!!
    Come by – you one Dani's Paris napkins – need your address 🙂

  9. Hi There, Each home is lovely; I know you said you like palm trees but a word of caution(I've never lived in Fl. so don't know whether this would pertain)-we had palm trees at a house in Ca. and they draw rats-at least we had a huge problem with rats nesting in ours. Down they came. I hate rats and most rodents so didn't want to encourage them.
    Happy House Hunting.

  10. These homes are all gorgeous on the exterior, for sure. I do love those palm trees. I don't know what it would be like to live in St. Augustine, but I do love visiting there. It is so full of history, beauty and has that old world romantic feel. Happy Hunting!

  11. The Palm treed home in front yard is kinda fun, but I don't care for the color. The last one is my fav in this list, but the pool and river area is what seems attractive..just not enough photos for a good choice.
    We prefer near or in is warmer and we like the Gulf coast over the East coast.
    Keep looking!

  12. My favorite would have to be the next to last one. How fun it must be to be able to pick anywhere you want to live! I would have to probably pick the west coast. I have a thing for the gulf.

  13. I really liked the one with the queen palms in front! That last setting with the pool, looked like it backed up to a river. In a situation like that, don't you have to worry about gators? Just curious!

  14. Try not to fall in love with a house that backs up to the west. The afternoon sun can make it too hot to enjoy the back yard. A North or South facing is best. Speaking from experience…born and raised in West Palm Beach.
    PS, you'll love the West Coast. Beautiful sunsets over the Gulf.

  15. How fun to go house hunting! Good luck finding the right one. The houses look gorgeous from the outside, how I would love to see the inside too. I like the roof of the first one….Christine

  16. In looking at these pictures, I realized most of them do not have garages that face the street, which is a big plus in my book. They truly are all lovely, but the river house gets my vote just by virtue of the location. You know what they say…location, location, location.

    I read this post with great interest, sherry, as I think maybe in a year or two I will be going through the exact same thing, only we don't even know what STATE we wiant!

    The best to you in your search! Your perfect house is out there just waiting for you.

  17. Sherry, I almost didn't mention this; however, remembering you asked for opinions..I will. One draw back to having the driveway directly outside your front door is that some cars drop oil on the pavement. Then someone walking right through it could easily track it onto the walkway and never realize it. I have never had that situation, but it was pointed out to me as a possible problem many years ago. My favorite of this group is the one you said you'd need to add more landscaping. It would look great with a lattice for climbing plants in my opinion. Good luck on the West coast.

  18. My favorite thing used to be looking at houses, I've seen so many and I have champagne tastes and a beer budget, so it' not the fun it once was.

    I will drop this in: as a general rule, the more complicated a roof, the more chances of leaks. Maybe this is not the case in Florida (or with a tile roof), but with hurricanes and all, I would consider it.

    Gators would influence me quite a lot …and how much trouble cleaning high outside windows & gutters would be. And how well the A/C works. I'll second the post about not having stairs in a forever home. Your knees are likely to give out sooner than you think.

    But you don't get snow to shovel and you can pick your own oranges off your own trees, and you are close to the beach from anywhere….what's not to love?

  19. “It's hard enough to find a new home but not knowing what area you want to live in complicates it even more.” – I agree. House hunting is really overwhelming. You have to consider the place if it’s accessible, if the neighborhood is great, and where to start looking. It’s a good thing that there’s the internet nowadays and house hunting becomes easier for anyone. These houses look great, by the way. Have you chosen which house to buy?
    == Christine @

  20. Even without seeing the interior, the second photo stood out for me the most. It gives off the idea that it is situated in a fine neighborhood, which is important when looking for a place to live in. It's good that you are making yourselves familiar with the place before deciding. Living in a place you are comfortable with, aside from liking the aesthetics, will make your stay happier and will make you be more at ease.

    Blair @ Creb Now

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