Spending Our Children’s Inheritance & Giveaway, privacy in the yard

Hi everyone!
Most of you know we have had our home for sale forever!   We hear over and
over again that our home is absolutely gorgeous and how much the buyers love it.
Several couples have come back two and three times to see the home again.
The one negative we kept hearing was that the back yard wasn’t big enough.  Actually,
it is one of the largest yards in the subdivision.  We didn’t need a large grass area so we
elected to leave all the trees for privacy.  We liked that you couldn’t see the neighbors
and the blooming trees were really pretty in the Spring.  After four comments in a row
about not having a large yard for the children to play in,  hubby got out the chain saw
and cut down every small tree!  He was a man with a mission ( a pissed off one) and
he cleared the yard all in one day.Below is the only picture I could find of the yard before.


Our neighbor owns a landscape company so we hired him to extend the irrigation
system to the back yard, haul off the trees and put in sod and mulch.  Steve and I
thought we would miss the trees,  but actually we like the new look.
Still a work in progress.



Okay, after spending a lot of money on the yard we had a showing Thursday.   They came
back Friday to look at the house again.  Good sign right?
The feedback we got from their agent was he really thought they would make an offer.
The buyers absolutely loved the house and thought it was gorgeous!  They were
having a hard time imagining not living here.  But….
There was not enough privacy in the yard from the neighbors and they
were passing on our home!!   Uggh
We are headed to the beach in Destin, Fl and then on to visit my dad.  Two weeks
away from cleaning and preparing to show the house will be good for us.  I’ll
drown my sorrow in Virgin Bloody Marys and LOTS of fresh seafood.  I bet
some antique shopping will help too.
The Cutting Edge Stencil giveaway is still going on and you can enter HERE.Thanks for visiting and have a great Summer.



55 thoughts on “Spending Our Children’s Inheritance & Giveaway, privacy in the yard”

  1. Sometimes you just can't win! Well someone at just the right time will come along and see what a beauty your home is.

    bee blessed

  2. That's so funny because that is the same thing we hear about our house, which is also for sale, and has been for a year! But, unlike your husband, mine won't go out and cut down the trees, even though I think if we did we'd get an offer from the next lookers!
    Hope it works for you!

  3. What silly people.
    Your yard is still private.
    Maybe you should have your agent follow up with those buyers who thought you did not have enough grass area.
    Enjoy your Bloody Mary.

  4. When we were looking at houses, the yard was the least important part of the deal, although we did want enough space for a garden. The house itself mattered so much more!

    I hope your house sells soon. I know how painful it is to want to unload such a thing and have it take forever.

  5. Sherry, can't try to please everyone. It looks like a gorgeous setting to me. I know the right buyer will show up. Enjoy your time at the beach.

  6. OH. MY. GOSH.

    I groaned out loud reading that.

    Don't forget to have your realitor or a neighbor water your sod every day while you are gone- it needs daily watering to establish roots. If it doesn't you will come back to a lot of lost investment.

    Good luck.

    Don't forget to bury a St. Jospeh statue upside down in your front yard – works every time!

  7. It is IMPOSSIBLE to figure out WHAT the heck people are thinking when they look at your house. Ours is for sale too and we have gotten GREAT feedback too, but no offers. It is so frustrating. We were totally in the woods too but now since we had to put a complete new septic system in, it is BARE, very bare compared to what we had. It is also still dirt, they ahve to do final grading and seeding. I would LOVE to put sod in but doubt hubby will spned the bucks since the septic cost us THOUSANDS of $$$$ GRRR> Your yard does look beautiful. Hope the RIGHT people come along soon. XO, Pinky

  8. Sherry,
    You just can't never tell, but I will say, the love the new look and I'm sure the right family will too. Enjoy your time in Destin and with your family in Orlando.


  9. Oh Sherry, people have no ability to visualize, either without trees, or visualize putting some in. Goodness, those grandbabies are going to be off to college by the time you get here…No, you have tons of time. OK crazy thing, what is that religious statue you are supposed to busy upside down in your yard when you are trying to sell…., worth a try??????? Enjoy Destin, it is fabulous!


  10. Bloody Mary's all around! Selling a house sucks. We've done it twice. ( with 3 small children). Just wait. The right couple will come along, really. Here's to a great relaxing vacation!


  11. Oh- You just can't win sometimes, Sherry! I hope you can relax and just kind of forget about the house for a few days. I hope your Dad is doing well…it will be nice to spend some time with him. Blessings to you- xo Diana

  12. The family who deserves all your efforts and pretty touches will walk in one day…In this retail market it is tough on the seller…Tell your agent to take pics again and but on MLS…their is a family for your home.and they will love it has much has you have…enjoy the Bloody Mary and enjoy the the fun time away…

  13. What a boring lot if they could not see how lovely your garden was, both before and after….They obviously were not the right people to purchase your lovely home anyway… There will be someone out there waiting for the chance of living in your home, its all just timing… have yourself a lovely break and come back all inspired again… it will happen, and that St Joseph's statuette that is buried upside down does work… or buying a little something for your new house will also help… hugs from across the pond! J

  14. Oh dear, Sherry how frustrating that must be. We were the only folks who put an offer on our cute yellow house and we do not regret it one bit. The agent for the sellers said it was "dated" to which I replied "not as much as our 160 year old house." It is all a matter of perspective.

  15. How disappointing. Perhaps they have no imagination? Sometimes it is better to have a blank canvas. Then they could design their own landscaping for privacy.

    It is good that you put some distance between the emotional aspect of selling your home for a bit. It will happen.

    Enjoy and relax. Best, Lisa

  16. Ack! I so feel your pain! People! What are you gonna do with 'em??? I'm worried that we'll have the exact same issue when we sell our house one day.

  17. Ack, how frustrating! We have moved so many times over the years and sometimes our home sold very quickly, sometimes it took forever. Those that took a long time always seemed to suddenly get multiple offers after nothing at all for months. You just never know. Enjoy the break from it all.

  18. $&$ them all!
    That's what I say!
    People have no imagination!
    The real estate agents should have pointed out the solutions to the looky loos.
    Selling a house is TRAMATIC!
    You have to listen to so much $&$!

  19. The perfect buyers will come along that appreciate the beautiful yard. Have a great trip to Destin, one of my favorite places! xo

  20. It's so frustrating trying to figure out what potential buyers will want isn't it?! Hang in there, someone will fall in love with it and have to have it! Enjoy your time away!


  21. Frustrating with a capital F! I say when its meant to be, it will happen totally effortlessly and it will just happen in perfect sequence of events. I really believe that. About 15 years ago we sold our first home, it was sooo frustrating, two failed contracts and I was on the verge of nervous breakdown then lo and behold this lovely doctor and his wife and young kids come along, love it, sign on the dotted line and the rest is history! I am sure you will meet the same fate sooner than later, in the meantime enjoy the time off and indulging in a few guilty pleassures like good food and drink!!

  22. You just can't win…people will always complain about something!!! I would love to have all those trees!!! Our neighbors are beyond nosey…it is very violating to have your every move watched!!! Keeping my fingers crossed that your house sells very soon!!!!!

  23. I am so glad you are getting away from it all for a while. It sounds like you need a break. We spent last week in Destin – We love it!!! I hope you have a blast!!

  24. Sherry, I have heard this so many times! Crazy times! Someone will love this new look; don't worry! Your yard is gorgeous! I'm so sorry; I know your're disappointed! Enjoy Destin! Go to The Doughnut Hole and have a dessert for me! Yummy!

  25. Isn't that the way things always work. You can just never please everyone. Maybe your agent should call all those people back who wanted a bigger back yard for another look around. LOL. Keep the faith your home WILL eventually sell, and PS, though you already know this, don't sink a ton of money into renovations and upgrades in order to sell. That's what my agent told me when I sold my house. She said to do the bare minimum. Things like touching up paint and other small details. Nothing big. It's a waste of your money and time as most people will just come in and change it anyway.

  26. Wow, that would be frustrating…but I'll bet the last lookers wouldn't have been happy with the smaller, wooded yard either. I guess the right new owner hasn't come along yet! Hope it will be soon, though! Enjoy your time away! Thanks so much for stopping by my finds post!

  27. Oh, good grief! Your yard is beautiful, but if privacy is an issue with the new owners, all they have to do is pop in a few fast growing evergreens in the area where they want more privacy. We did that at our house, and it isn't expensive. Good luck, have fun in Destin, and the right family will come along soon.

  28. Just had to leave a comment about selling a house, sugar.

    When we moved to a small town in Idaho from San Francisco Bay area, we thought we'd live in that house forever!!!! I quickly learned I am NOT a small town gal. It took us about 8 years to sell that house and I was so depressed because it was about 5,000 square foot with 4 garages on an acre and hubby had to mow it at least every 4 days. I thought I was killing him by having bought that house!

    We finally did sell it but after several offers fell through and we had even moved out on one occasion because the new owner wanted immediate possession. It fell through at 5 PM on the night we were to sign the papers. I had murder in my heart!! She was going to make it into a B&B and her financing didn't go through at the very hour. So we had to move back in and that REALLY almost did hubs in!

    We're in this 1800 s.f., 3 car garage house on a small lot in a much larger city for life now. 🙂 I'll never move again. Never! Well, in a hearst perhaps…


  29. Oh, Sherry, how aggravating. But your yard does look beautiful. I'm sure you'll have offers in no time. And as someone else suggested, why doesn't your Realtor go back to the people who complained there wasn't a yard.

    – The Tablescaper

  30. I feel your pain – it took us 7 months to get one offer on our last home! Then they tortured us and made us give them more money off – what choice did we have!?

    Drink up those bloody mary's and forget your sorrows in the sun!

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