A Somewhat Successful Project + Etsy Coupon Code

I hope you are having a nice weekend.

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I have been working on several projects including the somewhat successful one I will show you today.
I saw on Pinterest where you could age metal by spritzing with a combination
of apple cider vinegar and sea salt.  The pics showed a great green patina achieved with this
process over a two day period.
Do you remember the set of  metal hearts I purchased from Wisteria?

 I tried the vinegar and sea salt on the small one for two days, spritzing
up to ten times per day.
No Change Whatever!
One week later with continuous spritzing…NO Change.
At this point the smell of the vinegar had permeated the kitchen and was making
us sick. I am pretty stubborn and was not giving up on this project.  I removed
any remaining lacquer and started the process again.
Three weeks and two days later this is what happened.
Looks promising huh?

This is what I got when the salt and vinegar was rinsed off.
I would have liked a little more patina but I am happy with the results.
I won’t be aging the others until it warms up and I can do this in the garage.

30 thoughts on “A Somewhat Successful Project + Etsy Coupon Code”

  1. Sherry, there is an easier way. A verdigris kit, found in most Craft stores. It takes only 2 steps. And works in minutes. You might want to try it on a sample first. I have even used it on non porous items, such as plastic.

  2. I love those milagros! I have been collecting them for years. I had no idea Wisteria was selling reproductions!
    Drano works but do it outdoors. It is a beast!
    Good luck!



  3. It looks great Sherry! I live a block away from saltwater and all I have to do is forget something outside for a week and everything corrodes! Grrrrr!….So…you should send them to me! *winks* Vanna

  4. Hi Sherry! You have great patience and it was worth it. Lovely. Hope you are doing well! Loved the gal in Australia too. I may try the music stand lamp! Sunny

  5. The heart looks great with it's new/old patina. The color of the vinegar and salt "foam" is kinda pretty too. 🙂 Your patience certainly paid off. Thanks for hosting another great party.

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