Pillow Addict Goes Beachy!

Mary Ann at  Classic Casual Home  invited me to participate in her new Pillow Addict Series.

I admit I do have somewhat an addiction to pillows.  Just ask my husband as he grumbles while taking all the pillows off the sofa to sit down.  Just try to explain to a man that he cannot use a certain pillow…they cannot grasp the fact that something is there just because it is pretty!

I actually made several new pillows for the feature at Classic Casual Home.   Two of these I used graphics from an antique book with a little enhancing.  You are welcome to use the images below for your own projects.


  I hope you will visit  Classic Casual Home  to see my new pillows and go back each week for the Pillow Addicts Series.
Thank you Mary Ann for featuring “one” of my addictions and for being such a gracious hostess and friend.
Hubby and I are headed to Mount Vernon tomorrow to do a little sightseeing.   I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

18 thoughts on “Pillow Addict Goes Beachy!”

  1. You do have some fabulous pillows Sherry! I got a laugh out of your hubby grumbling over the pillows because mine does the same thing.

  2. I'm a pillow addict. Mostly I love needlepoint pillows and have recently added several hooked pillows. I'm heading over to visit now. ~ Sarah

  3. hahaha my husband grumbles when he has to move the pillows too. My son always asks "mommy can I use this pillow" LOL sounds so bad when I say it out loud.
    Off to see your pillows!
    Have a great weekend!

  4. Sherry,
    just got back from visiting "your pillows" and they are wonderful! My favorite is the long grain sack one on your bed. Speaking of your bed, I am obsessed with anything cane and your bed is fabulous, love it!

  5. Just read the guest post. Great job. Love these pillows, especially the first one. I may borrow it with permission. You are always inspiring. Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Ginger

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