Killer Stuff

Killer Stuff And Tons Of Money
Seeking History and Hidden Gems in Flea-Market America

Recently I was asked by TLC Books Tours to participate in a virtual tour and review the book Killer Stuff and Tons Of Money.  Growing up in the antique business, and being a dealer myself,  this book was right up my alley.

The author, Maureen Stanton, shadows Curt Avery who is a self-taught  historian and antique dealer,  as he travels to auctions and flea markets seeking the next treasure.  Curt shares his love of the American past and educates the readers on purchasing antiques and collectibles.  Many times while reading the book his observations had me laughing and so many of the funny stories he tells I could easily relate too.

I loved this book and I will be passing it on to my dad who taught me so much about the antique business.   It is the perfect Summer read for those of you that love antiquing, flea markets or collecting.

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18 thoughts on “Killer Stuff”

  1. Hi, Sherry. I'm finishing up my copy tonight and will be posting next week. I really liked it too. Showed a different side of the antique and flea market world. Still planning on relocating to FL? Here to help if I can in any way. Take care.

  2. Thanks for recommending this. I'm glad someone else still uses the word killer to mean awesome!

    Have a nice weekend,


  3. Mr. Dumpling and I both love the "hunt". We've had our "junque" in shops, malls but mainly just do eBay these days. I will have to read this one for sure!

    Thanks for the visit. For me, I miss the beignets!

  4. Hi Sherry,
    I just heard the author on NPR talking about this book. In fact I had just arrived home and stayed in the car to hear the entire interview. It really sounded quite interesting. Now that you have shared your thoughts on the book, I will definitely add it to my summer reading list.

    Thanks so much for your insight.
    Paula of Ivy & Elephants

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