I Made The Cover Of Veranda !

Yep,  It’s true!
I MADE the cover of Veranda Magazine.
Yes, I did….
me and some help from Picnik
made this FAKE magazine cover.
A girl can dream, right?  LOL
Okay back to reality.  
I was recently the winner of a beautiful pair of sterling earrings from Linda at  Coastal Charm
The Acanthus Pearl Drop earrings are from Willow House and donated by Debbie at  Love The Decor.
I selected the earrings on the far left as my gift.
I love the earrings and I have already worn them several times.
Thank you so much Linda and Debbie for this great gift. 
I have a wonderful giveaway coming up tomorrow.  I think you will love this one and it
could come in very handy for Christmas shopping.  Be sure and check back tomorrow to enter.
Thanks to everyone that linked to the Open House party this week and have
a wonderful weekend.
🙂 Sherry


34 thoughts on “I Made The Cover Of Veranda !”

  1. Sherry,
    Girl you had me on this one…shame on you…just kidding:) Oh yes…we can dream…what would life be like if we didn't dream? Hapy that you are lovin' your earrings:) Looking forward to your GIVEAWAY now!!!


  2. LOL…I was just about ready to ask you how in the world you kept this a secret from me until I read you created this in picnik. But I've seen your home so you could very easily make that cover for real! Some time ago this was a big thing in blog land….making these magazine covers. It was so much fun. Can't wait to see what your give-away is! xoxo

  3. Oh wow, the Veranda Cover is fabulous…without kidding, it is magazine worth even if you made it yourself, maybe they don't know what they're missing??!! I love your earings and I love dreams too, but I'm a happy and blessed one, so that's ok if I don't dream either, lol! Have a great weekend my friend. FABBY

  4. I totally bought it! I was ready to congratulate you with full sincerity when I saw the word "Picnik". Hilarious.

    Well maybe the editors will see this and realize what a great cover it would actually make! Hmmmmm…..

  5. So funny! I was completely, totally taken in. Even when you first said, "I MADE the cover of Veranda." I was all ready to tell you that I wasn't a bit surprised, just happy for you!

    I'm thinking I need to learn to use this product–was it Piknik?

  6. You got me too girlfriend because I do think it's quite possible! *winks* I was even ready to ask you if I could send my copy of the mag to you for an autograph *winks*
    Love the earrings you chose too. Vanna

  7. I was just about to say "congratulations" and then I read a little further. LOL I'm going to 'congratulate' you anyway for knowing how to make it look like you were on the cover. You are sooo computer savvy. 🙂

  8. Dream, dream, dream,…yes it's good to dream! I love how you hung the earrings on the side of the bowl and especially love the earring you picked! I'll be back tomorrow to see what the give away is!

  9. Sherry, I literally couldn't get myself over here fast enough when I saw your post! And it should be the cover it looks amazing! I've seen those cool sites, you did a great job, even if it's not the real deal. Fun fun fun!

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