Flea Market Finds…under all the crap

 It has rained here EVERY single day for at least a month.  Not just a little
shower but big storms with lots of thunder and lightning.  Every time it rains
we lose internet connection…ughh.  The clouds are moving in so I am typing
really fast to get this post finished.
Our current town doesn’t have many thrift stores or antique shops.  What it
does have is a large farmer/flea market every weekend.  We go every Saturday
to buy our fresh vegetables and fruit.
This market is not like the cute ones some of you are close enough to visit. I
envy those that live close to Scotts, Cantons, Lucketts and all those other
fabulous vintage markets.
You won’t find any shabby chic, painted furniture, darling vintage items,
antiques or beautiful antique rugs.  What you will find in abundance is
tools, lawnmowers, DVDs, used toys and lots of engine parts.  We normally
buy our fruits and vegetables,  run through the rest of the flea market in
record time and back home within an hour.
Occasionally rarely there is a dealer there with a few things of interest and luckily
I have bought them at a really great price.  Take a look below at my recent flea
market finds.
This large transferware tureen is in perfect condition and a great bargain at $2.00!
You know how much I love seashells and anything coastal.  I found this big piece
of coral sitting inside a dirty aquarium.  I didn’t want the aquarium so the dealer sold
me just the coral for $1.00. Yipeee
I grabbed both of these and ran to the car before
they could change their mind.
You can see our giant clam shell in the corner…still loving it.
The blue and white grain sack fabric is from Décor Steals and I plan on covering
 two chairs with it.  The chairs are currently in storage until we buy a house.
Check back to see my other great finds.  In the meantime I hope you will visit

31 thoughts on “Flea Market Finds…under all the crap”

  1. That tureen was a great find and the coral looks really nice in it. You may not have an abundance at this market but when you do find something it's a great deal!

  2. Love the tureen! DVD's and lawnmower parts? I bet there are more folks like you yearning for something else! Maybe you should start selling?? Glad you're enjoying your new life and I hear you with the rain…..same here in Va!! It's turning the corner though….sunny and cooler!

  3. You just never know do you Sherry? That's why we keep looking. 🙂 That tureen is gorgeous! Speaking of lawnmowers. An elderly bachelor guy who lived out here in a tiny house passed away a year ago and there was an estate sale last weekend. Talk about a hoarder! OMG…I was afraid to walk thru the house. The mouse had moved in. Yuk! But did I find a treasure or two? Yep..hidden up in the kitchen cabinets. Hope all is well. xo

  4. Oh….my…..gosh! I love what you found and can't believe the prices! I don't blame you for running with them for fear they would say there were supposed to be more zero's attached to those prices. LOL! Love the coral! I looked at some while in FL on vacation and they were all soooo expensive! I still want some, but need to find the right price.

  5. I always find the best, cheap stuff in those places you usually wouldn't go looking in….like junky flea markets with car parts! I actually found some fabulous finds in my own garage while looking for something! Visiting from Nifty Thrifty Tuesday and following you via Bloglovin'!

  6. Love it! I have that same dish (and lid). I got in in a "mystery box" from a flea market in Germany. The box cost 5 Euro (about $7) and inside was this dish and 7 other matching pieces! I was ecstatic. I love the way you use it here. When my household good arrive from Europe (a few weeks!), I may have to think of how I can use my dishes in a similar way.

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