First Glimpse At My Home Office/Guest Room

I bet you were beginning to think our new home only has a few rooms since I haven’t shared many pictures yet.  Admittedly,  I have been hesitant to post pictures of unfinished rooms.  There are so many things on my plate right now that decorating hasn’t been my top priority.

It may be a while before the house is decorated to my liking so I decided to jump right in a show you some of the “unfinished” rooms.   Lets start with my what will be my home office….

A trundle will be added to this antique daybed so the room can be used as one of the guestrooms. Still searching for a small desk.


I love the details on the bed.


The linen bedding is the Shabby Chic line from Bella Cottage and the 18th century cherub painting was purchased at auction.


I am thinking of window treatments in the same toile as the pillow…what do you think?


The vanity was also an auction find and I painted it with DIY Chalk Paint made with Calcium Carbonate.

I  don’t normally do much decorating for Halloween since no young ones are at home anymore. My antique dress form sporting a witches hat and climbing rats is the extent of my decorating this year.


20 thoughts on “First Glimpse At My Home Office/Guest Room”

  1. Sherry, you have been hiding this great room! That bed is amazing with the cherubs both on it and in the picture. and that vanity is to DIE FOR!!! OMG I have never seen anything so amazing. What a great room and I think the toile drapes would be the icing on the cake


  2. Sherry your guest room office area is going to be so fantastic. I think the Toile for curtains will really look great. So happy to see you have a post. I have missed you. Love the witches hat on your mannequin for Halloween. Looks great. Have a great Halloween.

  3. I think this is a very nice start!! Love seeing rooms that are a work in progress…..and love the cherub painting!! Very nice toile for the window….is it black or brown?? Couldn't tell from the photo….have some fun!!!

  4. Your vanity desk is the most gorgeous thing in the room. needless to say I love it
    It works wonderful with the day bed decor and yes do your curtains to match the toile pillow would be a great option.
    glad you showed us this room

  5. I love that little bed and painting above it! So pretty. I think curtains made in the toile would be perfect in there. Love that dress form! I would like to have one of those. I don't ever decorate for Halloween inside. I never really have. I guess because I just do it for the trick or treaters and they're all outside.

  6. What a great bed! That is a really fun piece and perfect for your room. I do like the toile pillow and think it would make GREAT window treatments for the room.

    Your little tribute to Halloween is pretty cute! xo Diana

    ps. missed seeing you around here

  7. I love the toile and agree it would be lovely for window treatments. All your pieces are beautiful. I did a daybed with a trundle bed in my guest room too. It makes it very flexible for guests.

  8. Hi Sherry! Oh, that day bed is so pretty! I've never seen one quite like it. I have one that our daughter slept on when she was in jr. high, but it's just a regular kind of one. That painting is gorgeous. Your furniture is so pretty and I love the idea of drapes from that pretty fabric. I know how it is about not getting much done. We're at a spot now that we have enough arranged that we're comfortable and the other froo froo stuff will have to wait a while. Good luck putting your room together. It's going to be beautiful.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  9. I understand not having time to get everything decorated right away after a big move. I have so many ideas of things I'd like to do but it may take me forever to accomplish!
    Your office/guest room is lovely. The bed and bedding are beautiful and I fell in love with the cherub painting right away. Yes, I think the toile would be a nice treatment for the window. Thanks for sharing another glimpse into your new space.
    Blessings to you dear Sherry,

  10. What a gorgeous room and pink is so 'vogue' at the moment. It will be a relaxing place to work in and gorgeous for your guests.

    I wasn't overly happy with my office I am making a few changes to brighten it up as I felt it lacked colour and was a little drab for a room with that gets little sunshine.

    I absolutely adore that gorgeous armoire, was it already painted or did you do the painting? I ask as I am stencilling some furniture at the moment and wondering where the best place for ordering on-line stencils.

    Can't wait to see the complete reveal. I am working on my bedroom at the moment and will be sharing it soon, I have shared my mood board this week which has gone from French style to more New England/Hamptons look. I am using tones of soft blue and white.


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