Feeding Frenzy !

Yesterday has to go down as one of the craziest days of my life.
As many of you know my son and his family have moved to Florida.
Their house here in Richmond is now under contract and they have
already moved the furniture and everything they wanted to keep to Orlando.
A couple of weeks ago they had an auction company pickup the more
expensive furniture and artwork remaining.  There was still quite a bit left
in the home so Steve and I decided to hold a moving sale for them.
What was I thinking?
I advertised the sale in Craigslist for several days and included these
pictures of their home.
We advertised the sale for Sunday 12-4 pm.  Steve and I arrived at 9:30 am to get set up and almost immediately people started showing up for the sale!  We didn’t let them in the house that early but the garage was open and people started grabbing stuff from it and things from the yard.
By 11:30 we had a crowd on the front lawn so I opened the doors.  Steve stayed
outside selling things from the garage while I was inside.  When I opened the doors it was like a feeding frenzy with people running in every direction and grabbing things.
At one time we had
300 or more people in the house!
The garage was also full of people and there were more lined up to get inside.
The house is three stories and we told everyone that anything not attached to
the house was for sale and  if they brought it downstairs we would give them a
price.  It is amazing what people can carry down two flights of stairs when they
want the item badly enough!
I am the only one in the house pricing and taking money and people were handing me money so quickly I couldn’t even keep up with what I was selling. Steve nor I had a chance to sit down, take a drink of water, eat or go to the bathroom from 9:30 am to 6:00 pm!
It was a total mad house the entire time.
Here are some of the highlights of the sale:
We had so many people waiting we completely forgot to put up the Garage Sale signs.
Within 15 minutes of opening every single thing
in our granddaughter’s room was sold.
We sold two dirty towels that were hanging in the bathroom
One couple bought three partially used tubes of toothpaste and
open rolls of toilet paper.
In all the confusion I sold the ping pong table twice.
One lady bought a rug then resold it on the spot for a profit.
Two young ladies bought quite a few things and when they returned
with the truck they had bought us cold drinks.
Unfortunately, not everyone was well behaved.
I caught up with one couple walking down the driveway with $60
of unpaid merchandise.
Two ladies got into a screaming match over a pair of lamps.
People were going to the basement and unfinished attic even
with the lights off, doors closed and barricaded.
The bathrooms were used without asking and in one case
they didn’t even bother to flush.
We sold two large urns with plants. We saw later where the
buyer had dumped the two big piles of dirt and plants right on the walkway.
I was offered $50.00 for a crystal chandelier marked $450.  She seemed
really insulted that I turned down her generous offer.
The good news is we sold almost everything!  The whole house was cleaned out
with the exception of a Christmas tree, a few toys and some vintage paint by numbers.
Anyone interested in buying a 9′ Christmas tree or Paint By Numbers?
Steve and  I were both exhausted but happy the sale was a success. We were able
to make our kids some extra money and save them from having to come back to
clean and haul off all this stuff.
Jonathan and  Heather,  If you are reading this you owe us a big fat steak dinner!
(Of course they never read my blog so I may have to send them this post)
Steve suggested I start a business where I advertise and coordinate garage sales.
I quickly nixed that idea.

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  1. I was laughing all the way through this post. I can only imagine what your husband thought when people were there at 9:30. Mine would have been running for the hills. But great for you for making the extra money for the kids!!! And who the heck uses the bathroom at a sale?

  2. I'm speechless, they bought TP and toothpaste and used the facilities!!!! I think your son owes you a week at a spa from the sounds of it.

  3. Oh my stars! You guys needed help badly!! We used to live right on a busy street in a 1929 bungalow and after the first mega $ yard sale (since we lived there, we didn't do the inside) – we quickly learned to set up the tables inside before moving them out on the lawn because of the pushy shoppers were overtake us! LOL!! We have never been that type of shopper and we are so put off by them. Glad your hard work paid off and that you came thru it safely.

  4. Oh my goodness Sherry! They had to be like vultures on a fresh kill. I can't believe they bought the toothpaste & toilet paper! Your son is not a movie star or anything is he? 😀
    I'm glad you & your hubby survived & at least almost everything is gone.

  5. Hi Sherry, I know exactly how you feel. My house and gardens are open twice a year. Often I don't get to eat or drink and my legs start hurting from standing all day. I have had the very same experiences, so many nice people and then there are the exceptions.
    You have given your family a wonderful present by taking care of things which they could not.

  6. Oh my goodness Sherry! That sounds CA-RAZY! What is wrong with people? Are they that desparate for things like toothpaste and toilet paper? You are good parents for sure and I think this may have earned you at least 2 steak dinners! 🙂

  7. People never cease to amaze me with their rudeness and brazen behavior. Can you imagine going in someone's house, using the bathroom and not flushing! Gross!!!

    This really does sound like it was a feeding frenzy. I hope your son and DIL appreciate all the work you and your husband did for them…you need to ask for more than a steak!


  8. Wow that must have been really scary as things started to develop and you had little control. They do owe you big time!! People can lose their politeness when it is competitive like that. Wow.

  9. Sherry you made me laugh so hard… People kill me, Sounds like one CRAZY DAY for you and your husband… did you get any pictures of all this? But wait you didn't even have time to go to the bathroom so why am I asking you…LOL get some much needed rest..


  10. Wow Sherry! Unbelievable the way some people act. Craziness, I tell ya! Well, if your son doesn't reward you with dinner when you come visit.. let me know, we'll go get lunch together and hit Renningers!! LOL

  11. Sales bring out the best in people,"NOT"! The worst. I did estate sales for years in St.Louis and they will try anything. Thanks for sharing the house your son sold was wonderful, I only hope his new one is as beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Richard at My Old Historic House

  12. We don't have these sales in the UK but I've seen them on TV. I had to laugh at the organised chaos! It's bad enough trying to do a car boot sale on your own – too many sticky fingers, they're over and in the car like a rash. I just can't imagine a house full. Congratulations Sherry on your courage for holding it and having such a huge success. You both certainly deserve that BIG steak :o)
    Now, have a restful week!
    Best wishes
    Rose H

  13. Oh my goodness Sherry!!!! This is hilarious… whats wrong with these people?? buying dirty towels…reselling things for a profit, fighting over lamps!!! They must be crazy…this post had me laughing out loud!!You must be so glad its all over now… now you sit back and rest for a few days. ~Poppy


  14. You need a good long pampering after that. Some people have no respect. I've actually attended sales like that. One guy actually tried to take something out of my hand I was buying. I said he TRIED!

  15. Sherry, I vote for a spa week! I can't imagine just two of you handling a crowd of 300. Amazing. Not something you are likely to do again I suspect. LOL
    ~ Sarah

  16. Sherry that is just crazy!!I can only imagine how exhausted you must feel. When it comes to money and stuff, people can be very strange indeed, Kathysue

  17. People are amazing creatures aren't they? I'm thinking a steak dinner with all of the fixings and your favorite dessert on the side! xoxoxo

  18. OMG Sherry, I cannot believe just you and your hubby did the sale! You should have had 4-5 more people helping you!! That is craziness! I can't believe they did not take that beautiful stuff with them to Orlando, like in the girls room!


  19. OH my gosh! that sounds insane!!! why do people have to misbehave??! I'm glad you sold most of it for all that effort.

    i saw a TV show on this once; the guy has a business doing this exact thing. they charge a percentage, I forget what it was, but it is hard work!

  20. Oh my goodness!!! That's terrible!!! I admit I did giggle, a little (dirty towels and toilet paper??? Really people)!!! Sometimes people are horrible…especially at sales!!! At least it's over and I'm sure they are very thankful….(I'd be hitting them up for a great Christmas gift….ha ha)!!!

  21. Sherry- I'd say they owe you a vacation on a luxury island! I used to hate it when people would show up 2 hours early and then be insulted when you wouldn't let them in. You did a great job for them and I'm sure they really appreciate it! Now…when will you be doing this again? xo Diana

  22. Whoa! I would not do well with that kind of frenzy. I can't believe you managed to do it all by yourselves (although, what could you do once it started I guess?). People can be so selfish…thank heaven for the few that did nice things. Those ladies that brought drinks deserve a prize….maybe a $50 chandelier. LOl! Lisa~

  23. It sounds wild, crazy, fun is a sick sort of way…and profitable. Sister, they owe you more than a steak dinner! Would you like to come to my house?

  24. Hi Sherry…

    Ohhh my gosh…I'm so glad that the sale was a huge success but it does really sound like it was a "feeding frenzy"! You poor thing! Girlfriend, you are very sweet and generous…I would have told my son that he owed me steak dinners for a year! Hehe! I'm sure that he really appreciates you and your husband for doing this! You know, I remember several posts that you did on your son and daughter-in-law's beautiful home. I fell in love with it as soon as I seen it…truly gorgeous! I'm so curious as to what kind of a home they chose in Florida? Anyway, I'm sure you are VERY happy to have the sale behind you and hopefully you have been able to rest up since then! OMG…I still can't imagine having 300 people show up to a sale and trying to keep anything organized. I think you must have done a fabulous job, my friend!

    Warmest wishes,

  25. This is the funniest tale I've ever hear about garage sales, and I hear a thing or two. How you stayed cool and calm I'll never know. It must have been exhausting and I know your probably wanted to shall we say, ask some people to leave. I have to say those pics would have brought me out too! Thanks for sharing such an amusing tale……….

    The French Hutch

  26. I couldn't help but giggle all the way through your post! I'm glad you sold so much though and you're still alive to tell us about it! lol


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