Fancy Flea~A Wash Out

Last Saturday was the Fancy Flea Vintage Market and the first time it was being held at the Plant City, Fl Fairgrounds.  We arrived a few minutes before opening and before even getting in it started to rain.  I am not talking about a little shower, but a monsoon!  People were getting out of line and heading home, but I was determined to stay.
Here is the line at the market entrance.
And below is what most booths looked like.
There were a few vendors open but their merchandise was piled high in the tents
to keep it dry.  There was no way to get into the tents nor see anything for sale.
 The entire field turned into a big muddy mess and you would sink down to your ankles
in mud.  Some of the vendors had several inches of standing water in their tents. We
stayed about an hour and probably would have braved it a little longer if there had been
ANY shelter to get a break from the pouring rain. Cars were being stuck in the mud and
tow trucks had to be called….what a mess!
It was a pleasure to meet Carol of  The Polka Dot Closet at the show.  She was a
vendor and you can check out more about the market on her blog.
Carol said it did stop raining about two hours before the show ended and she
was able to put some of her things out.  She sells these wonderful dress forms and
I think the little girl form is so adorable.
Even though I had an umbrella Steve and I looked like drowned rats covered
in mud.  Lets just say every article of clothing was soaking wet. As we sat in
the car wringing out our wet clothes we had a good laugh at our appearance.
Fancy Flea organizers….Please think about the possibility of bad weather
when planning the Spring market’s location.
Thanks for dropping by and check back here tomorrow for a great GIVEAWAY.

11 thoughts on “Fancy Flea~A Wash Out”

  1. Oh Sherry, I wish I had your pictures when I wrote my post! I had no idea there was a line to get in! and that the vendors were closed down that tight. Thank you for the shout out, you were a trooper to brave it at all….Can you imagine how successful it would have been if it had been great weather! Of course the highlight was to finally meet you!


  2. Oh that is so sad to see. I almost bought a plane ticket to go down to Florida to visit my mom and go to the Fancy Flea. So happy I did not do that. I have heard how great that market is and have always wanted to try it. My mom lives right near there. Glad I changed my mind and stayed in Chicago. I feel bad for the vendors and all of you that got soaked and could not enjoy shopping the treasures.

  3. I was there and although my tent was open, everything was piled up. I found that pop-up tents are not completely waterproof in a downpour. You would have been welcome in my tent but you still might have gotten sprinkled on : (

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