DIY Cheese Slab With Tutorial

I have wanted a cheese slab for a while but the antique ones are rare and normally priced at
$2000+.  Even the reproductions aren’t inexpensive.

Dairy slabs were used in the 1800’s, prior to electricity, by stores selling butter and cheese.
Dairy items were kept cool by placing them on the slabs, which were chilled in water or set
outside in cold weather.

I have had so much fun using the water slide decals I decided to try making my own.



My version of a cheese slab with vintage mustard jars.

How to make your own Cheese Slab

This was a really easy project with the hardest part finding the right size dish to use.

I found this casserole dish at TJ Maxx for $4.95 and spray painted the bottom a gloss
white where the manufacturers name was printed.

With “Microsoft Word”  use the Copperplate Gothic Bold  font and size the word
“CHEESE” to fit your dish.  I used Papilio Clear Waterslide paper and just followed
the directions on the package. (not a sponsored post)

You do have to spray the decal with a fixative or the ink will run when wet. Apply a
light spray at least three times, allowing it to dry between application. The manufacturer
sells their own spray but I just use Krylon Crystal Clear and have never had a problem.

The decals are a little harder to use on a curved object so cut the image in half before putting
each piece in water.  Apply the decal to your dish,  matching up the two pieces. When it is
dry spray a couple of light coats of Krylon Crystal Clear on the decal.

Note:  Lightly apply decal and smooth carefully.  Do not over-rub or the decal can tear or

ink may come off.


The decals are a little harder to apply on a curved object so cut the image in half before putting it in water.  After the decal dries spray a couple of light coats of Krylon Crystal Clear on the decal.

Ready to make your own Cheese Slab?

Please feel free to use the graphic below and I appreciate you crediting me for the source.



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26 thoughts on “DIY Cheese Slab With Tutorial”

  1. you are so smart! i've been wanting a cheese slab (i first typed slap!) but refuse to pay the outrageous prices! i might have to give this a try and especially the 1 pt and 1 qt pitchers!

    hope you and your family are doing well.

  2. Oh I love how that turned out! Those slabs can be so expensive so it's nice to see someone do a budget DIY on how to make them. Pretty clever!

  3. This…is…genius!!! I've always loved these, but like you said the ones I've seen would be cheaper in gold-ha! I have a collection of the marmalade jars, too, and I love how you've got yours displayed here. Great job 🙂

  4. I can never do anything like that
    I'll send you my dish if you will do it for me, first I have to find a dish LOL
    I have wanted those for years also, love the Butter, Lard and Cheese slabs

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