Could This be “The” Home For Us?

A couple of weeks ago Steve & I made a trip to the New Smyrna Beach area to look
at some homes.
We were impressed with the area and did find two houses that we liked.  One was
eliminated because it was a little far from grocery stores, restaurants and shopping.
Want to see the home we like?
The battery in my camera died so these pictures are from the MLS.


This bar area would have to go.
The pool is beautiful with a waterfall and fountains.  The MLS says the owner spent $60000
on the pool and screened cage.There are so many things to consider when buying any house, but even more so in florida….

Distance to the ocean, lake or river, flood zones and elevations determine the cost of flood insurance.  The age, roof material and roof style of a house plays a big part in the cost of wind (hurricane) insurance.  I had never heard of CDD until we began our home search.  In some communities those fees can run several thousand dollars per year and are added to your already high tax bill.  Even some developments have a mandatory golf membership that can make the HOA very expensive.

There is a lot to think about and we need to look at all the cost of owning a Florida home before making a final decision.

Below is what keeps us wanting to live here…

Fall at the beach!

I am headed to the Fancy Flea tomorrow and I’ll be back to tell you all about it.

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39 thoughts on “Could This be “The” Home For Us?”

  1. What a pretty house! Looks like a good contender to me. I love the pool! I know it must be exciting to finally have one that you're seriously thinking of. Hope it works out!

  2. I lived in Ormond Beach (north of that house) for 11 years and LOVED it! I was 4 miles from the beach and it was awesome. Three hurricanes came over our house the year there were four major ones. So, now I live inland in Ocala. But, living close to the ocean was a wonderful experience and I will forever be happy I did it. Now, I just travel and hour to the gulf or and hour and a half to the ocean for my fix. Whichever house you choose, you will enjoy living in Florida. I moved away for six years and was miserable 🙁 I am never leaving again!

  3. I can see you living there Sherry and putting your special touch on it. I'm sure that whatever you decide that it will be fabulous.

    Love the pool.


  4. That home is already beautiful! I imagine what you could do with it with your artistic abilities!? It would be fabulous!
    That pool is killer beautiful!

    Good luck in your search! I vote for this one! LOL!



  5. I love this style of home! The architecture in Florida is so pretty and when we were looking at homes online several years ago, I wouldn't even look at one that didn't have a pool inside a lanai like this one. Makes it so much more useful as you can be outside or swimming I the rain and if it's too hot, many have ceiling fans installed in them. You're right about the expenses though. We too wondered about taxes and insurance. it sure is beautiful and having a beach so close is a dream! Good luck finding your dream home! Hugs, Leena

  6. Gorgeous home…with a lot of potential! One quick mention of advice from a former property manager at a Boating & Golf Community…If you have never lived in an association before, it might be prudent to see if you could view a copy of the associations Rules & Regulations before you buy…."some" Florida Associations can demand you get their written approval before you even paint a front door and that kind of Association living isn't for everyone….Like me 🙂

    Good Luck!

  7. Hi Sherry!!!


    Being a beach lover myself I can understand what the draw is!! The house is gorgeous and that pool!!! WOW!!!

    It would be a difficult decision to make because of the cost, with all the extras that may be added on.

    What scares me is the hurricane season. When I saw the damage Hurricane Katrina caused and how awful it was…I wouldn't want to see you go thru that.

    I guess those are bad thoughts, but, I care.

    Still that beach is something else…PARADISE!!!


  8. I live on the coast of southern California and we have higher costs too. But, it is worth it to walk along the beach each morning.

    I hope you have your house soon so we can watch you make it your own.

  9. What a fabulous home, a real blank canvas to work with and the bonus of an amazing pool that you have nothing to do.

    Like you I love the sea even though I don't swim much but I bought my little cottage because of its location to the sea.

    Lee 🙂

  10. What a beautiful house Sherry – the pool sold us on the one we chose – other than that we bought a complete gut job fixer upper – this looks move in ready!!!
    LOVE !!!

  11. Hi Sherry, I came looking for this post, I remember seeing the title when I was a bit crazy-busy. What did you decide? The house is so lovely. But I know what you mean about all those extra costs that add up. I can't wait to watch you transform your new home.

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