Changes In The Dining Room + Giveaway

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I really don’t have much art on my walls. I tend to like hanging plates, mirrors and decorative items instead.  My hubby always says I have the strangest taste in art work.  I happen to love this piece but he said it was just weird.  I want to hear what you think.

The piece is a  signed and dated Chromolithograph. For those not familiar with this type of artwork it is basically a copy of an original work that has been hand colored.  The process was developed by F. Tugh Farber around 1895 and each piece could take up to a year to complete.  The price of oil paintings were so expensive during this time only the wealthy could afford them.  Farber invented this process to make art more affordable. Normally the company would make anywhere between one to one hundred copies.


The painting and frame are originals but the mat has been changed.  The frame is not perfect but I have never been one to run away from a little damage or shabbiness!  The colors are fabulous and this photo does not show how strong and clear the colors actually are.


The painting is signed by F. Tugh Farber co. 1896.
I haven’t been able to find much info on this specific art piece other than the same painting sold at Sotheby’s in 2007.  No price was given.
I purchased this cutie at an antique shop that was going out of business.  I  saw the painting several days before and really liked it but the price of  $399 was more than I wanted to pay.  I went back to the shop on the last day of business and bought several things and the owner sold it to me for $65.00!
All I know is that NOTHING sells at Sotheby’s for $65.00.  It would be great to know the value so if there are any art experts out there I would love to hear from you.
What do you think…cute or just weird?

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  1. I like it. I don't know if I'd choose it for my house, but I like it and don't think it's weird. You tell your husband that if he wants to see weird he should see those "portraits" done with a dog head but its the human body and hands. THAT is weird and creepy! I saw those at Home Goods one time {and think I even did a post about them}.

  2. Hi Sherry! Well, I happen to love the colors in that painting and how it pops against your wall color but my hubby would make fun of it too so I feel your pain! What a great deal though and so fun to think you may have really stumbled upon a treasure! 🙂
    P.S. I would love to have you join in my Inspiration Friday party sometime. I know there are tons out there so if it feels like one too many I totally understand! Just wanted you to know you are always welcome:-)

  3. That is an awesome piece Sherry. I would be curious to know as well. TO me Art is so very personal to the owner and of course the Artist. That is the beauty of it. I think it is a neat piece…very vivid and realistic, which always amazes me in Art. Thanks for joining the party tomorrow….Enjoy:)!!~

  4. Hmmm… how about cute AND weird? it can be both! I love the colors, and I think it looks smashing in its setting, among the plates.

    Plus you really got an amazing deal at that antiques shop. Wow.

    I hope someone else can give you some more information on this piece; it's very interesting.

  5. Hi Sherry!

    I love it. It's not weird at all. I have some little girls and my husband thinks they are creepy. Must be a guy thing. I love antique prints, engravings, etc.. You're right, I doubt Sotheby's would sell anything for that price. It's very large, in great condition and framed. I would guess somewhere in the 450 to 500 dollar range. At any rate, you got a real steal!

  6. Sherry, this is the sort of thing I like also, especially because it is old. Lithographs really intrigue me. With your green walls (which I absolutely love) the background really matches and the reddish orange really pops to match your rug. So I'm in agreement with you!!
    Thanks so much for linking up with me for VIF!

  7. Sherry, I really like this. I'd have had my eye on it too. I think you got a great deal. I've never let a little imperfection keep me away from something I like either…I think it gives the frame some character anyway. What a cute smile on that face!


  8. The colors are beautiful and a little antique weirdness is infinitely better than plain vanilla kitsch mass produced in China.

  9. Hi Sherry~ I like it and he looks very happy in the dining room! Mixed in with your blue and white transfer ware- it is perfect! You got a great deal on it- absolutely!! I have to say I love that chandelier too! Beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing this at Feathered Nest Friday this week! So happy you joined in!! 🙂

  10. Tell you husband he can decorate the garage and you'll handle the house…'cause you do it beautifully! The painting is wonderful and if I were you, I'd continue to research it.

  11. Sherry, I like your traditional litho, and there is absolutely nothing weird about it! I like the plate vignette surrounding it, as well.

  12. I really like it and don't find it weird at all! I have a tendancy to decorate with plates and mirrors too. Mainly because I am really picky about what kind of artwork I hang on my walls. I tend to like oil paintings that cost a small fortune! LOL…Your dining is beautiful :o)

  13. It's a little creepy for me, I'm not a fan of things looking at me. I can just imagine walking into the room in the dark and freaking out because I happened to see a face on the wall.
    It is pretty cute too, just not right for me.

  14. When it comes to art, follow your heart and your instincts. I once bought a English oil painting of a dog…a bargain at $75 and my husband used to tease me about it because it rather looked like the dog had 2 tails. So I hid it away for awhile and finally sold it at a garage sale for $20 unbeknownst to an antique dealer. A few months later I ignorantly wandered into her shop and saw that she was selling my dog painting for $1200.


  15. I think it looks great..not weird at all.
    What's weird is …Cote ??
    I am about to have a runway for the butter dish…got to find an addres for her.
    xo bj

  16. I love it – the details in the painting are stunning and I love the painting mixed in with the plates – and the color of those walls…it is a great combination!!

  17. Sherry, I'm so glad you have been to Plunderosa too! I am dying to go back to that place. I did a whole post on it last year & loved all the furniture pieces too. I have kicked myself for not buying some of those bottles, I think they were only $20-25 each, great price. Maybe I'll get back down there again & can pick up more. Although, I have no idea where I'd add another one. They take us a lot of room

    I cannot believe the one you found for $2!! Lucky girl!

  18. I think it is just gorgeous!! That's exactly the kind of thing I would be drawn too also. Thank you so much for stopping by and entering the giveaway!! Your comments were so sweet, and I appreciate them so much:-)

  19. Weird!??? Not at all! I love it! My dh thinks we don't have near enough art on the walls. I could wait five years in order to find the right piece to hang. I bought a gigantic painting at a consignment store not too long ago because it reminded me of my sister and myself but got it home and it's too big for where I wanted to hang it. ugh! I am home and ready to go when you are. 🙂

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