Candy Pumpkins

The other day I spotted these mini pumpkin candies and knew immediately
how I would use them.
 The vintage toy truck carrying pumpkins will be the centerpiece at the Children’s table
this Thanksgiving.
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12 thoughts on “Candy Pumpkins”

  1. Your Dad is a stitch!!! I watch that program too!!! Last year I put baby pumpkins in a little red wagon pulled by a tractor, it was so cute. This year I am loading it up with little Christmas trees!!! What fun we have!!! Gobble, gobble……

  2. Your truck with the pumpkin candy is adorable. Love the story about your Dad. Reminds me of the time my Mother told the doctor she was allergic to cocaine instead of codeine. Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. How cute! That will look just darling on the children's table at Thanksgiving. If my two little boys were at that table about twenty years ago, those pumpkins would be eaten up!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Love this idea! Wonder how many candy pumpkins it would take to fill the Tonka truck our boys played with? Oh, and I remember how much I enjoyed eating these candies when I was little. 'Tis the season!


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