Beginning Of Our Weekend + Giveaway

Last Friday as we pulled into Leesburg Hubby asked if I wanted to get checked into the hotel.  My response was Nooo,  I want to go to Lucketts Antique Store.   What an amazing shop, beautiful items for sale and gorgeous displays. The shop owners organize Lucketts Antique Fair and  they do an excellent job. Take a look at the pictures below and tell me if you agree that this shop is wonderful.

Aren’t these steps wonderful? I wonder if they are original.
I would have loved to bring this pine shelf home with me…
and this clock!
And my favorite thing of all…. one very, very patient Hubby. Even after I went through the store and grounds three times.  Here he is giving me that look…. Love ya hon!
If you haven’t entered my two giveaways you can enter #1 here for the flatware caddy and silver.
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28 thoughts on “Beginning Of Our Weekend + Giveaway”

  1. Sherry tht looks like shoppers heaven. All of those shutters! Woo hoo. I love all the items you showed inside the store too. How fun!

  2. Sherry, This has to be the best antique shop in the universe! I have seen Luckett's posted about a few times in the last couple of days! Your pictures shw us the most fabulous treasures! Thank you so much for taking us with you on your wonderful trip!
    Have a lovely weekend!

  3. Oh how I would love to have been there! There's so many beautiful things! I too love the pine shelf; so want a clawfoot tub. There used to be one in the hall bath – will be again one day….
    thanks so much for sharing,

  4. You and I need to go and let the guys do something else. My husband hates to shop or do things like that. I would have gotten the eye, too. I really would love to go sometime. We went to a wedding up in West Virginia a few years ago and kept seeing signs about Luckett's but of course I didn't get to go. Love that clock!

  5. Hi Sherry! Thank you for your sweet comments. I would have been in heaven at this fine shop, but probably paralyzed with indecision as there are so MANY glorious things to see! I wonder what you came up with??? Sounds like your husband GETS that you need to go in these stores. Mine does, too, despite how grumpy he probably sounded like in my post! Lovely images, all! xx P&H

  6. Sherry, I have seen a few posts about Lucketts over the past few days and they are making me want to go! Wish I could. I bet this is such fun! That pine shelf is amazing! I'm in love! I would so want to bring that home! It's so unusual and beautiful. Thanks for sharing all these fun pics!


  7. I think I'd cut off my right arm for the opportunity to go there…which would be very inconvenient when trying to carry all the great buys out the door! The airfare from Australia probably puts it out of reach..sigh.

  8. That is a place I would love to spend hours and hours. What fun and everything is displayed so inviting and not too overwhelming. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Where is this at again???? I keep drooling over everything I see and I've been through (or by) a Leesburg before. I'm EXTREMELY interested! Wonderful post….thanks for sharing!

  10. Oh my gracious! I would seriously never want to leave this market! What great pics! Thank you so much for sharing! Have a great weekend!!

  11. Hi Sherry, That antique store sure does look like it has a lot of goodies! Hope you had a great time shopping. Thank's for stopping by. The chaise lounge the girls are on. We found at a flea market in Orange Co.called the Groves. It was a great find and the price was good to. The girls use it all the time we have it on a small terrace garden in the back. Hope you have a good weekend…Julian

  12. I saw about a million things I LOVED!! I would love to be able to go to this and also the Farm Chicks in Texas! Would that not be a blast!!

    I would have gone straight to Luckett's too! You can check in anytime right?

    Thanks for sharing!

    Lou Cinda 🙂

  13. Sherry I have always wanted to see this store in person, and maybe someday I will. Your photos are great and I saw some amazing things in them. This store must be absolutely amazing.

  14. I took a picture of that chair as well! Isn't it fantastic? I'm going to work on a replica of it or something like it. We'll see how it turns out. It was so fun meeting you and you've got to share what you did with the wooden cog!

  15. Hi Sherry, this is one store I've always wanted to visit. I found their website way before I found blogs and always kept coming back for inspiration. I'll have to try the corn with milk. Thanks for stopping by and have a great week, Theresa

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