Bedroom Tour

Hello Blogettes.  I have shown you bits and pieces of our bedroom in previous post. Today you get to see the entire room.


Gosh, I hate those cords!
These pictures make the paint color look so dark! It is actually a medium gold color.
The armoire bought at auction and I painted and distressed it to match the bed.
I purchased two identical Pierre Deux dressers at auction that sit on each side of the bedroom.  I am beginning to sound like a broken record but Richmond has a great auction every Thursday night and I have gotten some fantastic deals there.
So sorry about the blurry pictures. I think my camera is on it’s last leg..or maybe it’s the operators lack of skill!
Another auction find! A very upscale shop went belly up and the remaining items went to auction. I bought five signed Deruta lamps for pennies on the dollar. Two of the lamps sit on each side of our bed.
Sitting room off the bedroom… I don’t think anyone has ever sat in here. I would rather have had a larger master bath and closets instead. This may be a project for down the road.
I transformed these chairs with paint, distressing and drop cloths. You can see the post I did on this transformation HERE.
The little silhouette is of my son and was made approximately thirty three years ago.
More sitting room.  Love seat was made by Room and Board. For those of you that are familiar with this line you know they are pretty pricey. This piece retails for $1200 on their web-site. I bought two identical love seats off of Craigslist for $125.00 each. The other one resides in our living room.
This painting is one of my favorite things. It is an original 19Th century painting with the most beautiful colors.
I love the precious little cherubs.
Don’t they have the sweetest faces?

27 thoughts on “Bedroom Tour”

  1. Oh, my!
    I love the colors!
    Red Toile and yellow and blue! Right up my foyer, ahem, alley!
    The yellow in your room is about the shade that i used in my kitchen this week!
    I cannot believe the deals you got on those loveseats!
    The dark red is delicious!
    Did you know you can hot glue a tube of fabric right over those cords as a cord cover?
    Or Hobby Lobby has theirs 1/2 off this week for around $8?
    All the personal little touches in your room make your haven SO warm and I can tell how much you and your sweetie love each other–A LOT!

  2. Your room is beautiful! Every detail is perfect! I am drooling over that gorgeous armoire and the Pierre Deux chests are stunning! If I lived closer I would love to go to that auction with you;)! I love the toile and the color of your walls and the sitting area and your chairs…well…I guess I love it all!

    Just beautiful!


  3. Sherry, I started drooling all over the keyboard when I saw your bed. Love your toile bedding too and what a great job you did on the armoire. You have gotten some great deals on expensive furniture. Love the chairs you painted and the cushions you made. I didn't know you sewed like that.

  4. Sherry girl I just love this room and WOW!! the red toile looks awesome…now that Armoire is to die 4 my friend…what a great job you did in here right now to the wall color…Thanks so much for sharing…Hope you have a GREAT weekend friend…Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  5. I absolutely love your blog's name. Had to chuckle over it, too. Enjoyed your tour, especially the cherubs! Thanks for sharing. Susan

  6. I love your bedroom! It is so pretty–almost a tobacco color on the walls, right? I agree, I LOVE Alexander's Auction! I've gotten many, many things there! Maybe we've run in to each other–I tend to come around 9:30 or 10 and stay to the wee hours of the morning! What are some of your favorite haunts in town, other than Alexanders? I LOVE Class & Trash, Through the Garden Gate, and Cold Harbor Antique Mall. I used to manage The Oak Antique Mall in Petersburg–it is still one of my favorites. Also in Petersburg is Rivers' Edge–one of the best to go places for all things romantic and French. Plus Kimberly Ann's. Oh–if you're down this way–there is a HUGE estate sale tomorrow on Westover in Walnut Hill–tons of goodies.

  7. Hi Sherry, That is a beautiful room. And I luv the painting that is a great find. And the little silver cherub mirror is a great find also. You have a great eye for treasures. Have a great weekend….Julian

  8. Your bedroom is gorgeous! I can see why you love that cherub painting, it's to die for!!! I am in love with your armoire, so beautiful. I had to laugh when you commented about hating those cords:) I've been on a mission to hide our cords and cell phones, I've found hatboxes work well because you can poke holes in the back for the cords to hide in.

    Lovely bedroom!

  9. …a lovely lovely room…about the hated cords…just twist tie them together and then duct tape them to the back of the side table …they will disappear…

  10. What a pretty room. Love your chairs and looked back at your DIY post. I commend you for taking on a new to you project! That's how the die hard crafters came to be, by jumping in and just doing it.

  11. i am IN LOVE with your bedroom!! i love the chairs…beautiful!! i just finished mine and it makes me want to redo it again! 🙂 thank you for sharing.

  12. I don't know why I have never seen this beautiful bedroom of yours! It is truly amazing, I really love the painting you did on your armoire, the bed is stunning and those sweet little cherubs faces are adorable!

  13. I have the same bed! I found a french provincial
    dresser and end tables. I painted room sugar cookie, yellow, and accented with blue, white bed linens. I love the bed, makes me happy. Donna.

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