A Painting For Our Soon To Be Home

I have started decorating our new home even though we haven’t actually found
the perfect home yet.
Did you read the recent post about us selling thousands of dollars worth of furniture
and accessories in just three days?  With our plans to move back to Florida I am
 looking for a more relaxed decorating style.  This painting fits in perfectly with what
I have in mind.
This beautiful oil painting is from my newest sponsor, Photos To Canvas.  Their
company is unique in that they offer many choices for turning your photo or graphic
into art.  Not only will they transfer your photo to canvas but there is an option to have
the canvas painted by one of their artist.
I emailed a picture to them and about a week later I received this gorgeous
oil painting.  The colors of the painting are even more beautiful than the photo above
can capture and I couldn’t be happier with the results.
In addition, you can have your canvas made into two, three, four, six or eight panels
as shown in the examples below.
I hope you will visit Photos To Canvas to see how they can transform your
photos into beautiful artwork.Have a great Memorial Day!


11 thoughts on “A Painting For Our Soon To Be Home”

  1. OM goodness….recently I had Gar paint me two paintings for a future beach house or to sell and they look so much like that one, only mine has a beach umbrella in each one. I love them! Miss you! Congratulations on your new sponsor

  2. How blissfully serene your new painting is! It will certainly help set the Florida feeling in your new home. Have fun shopping for the rest of the new or new-to-you furnishings! Will you do much shopping before you find your new home?

    Thanks for mentioning such an interesting business as Photos to Canvas, too.

    Hope all goes well in the coming week. I know it will be wonderful for you and your sweetie to be in the same state once again.

    I continue to pour thru my treasure trove of delightful books and magazines.


  3. Sherry I am so happy for you and change is good! Your new painting is wonderful, my style as well!

    Please do join my latest giveaway and feature.
    Art by Karena

  4. A perfect picture for a Florida home, I am sure you have seen by now that it is a lot lighter way of decorating. I don't think I have seen a home down here that has dark wood baseboards…it all white, all the time!


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