A Little Christmas Decor

I hope you are enjoying the holiday season. 
I  am normally a pretty organized person, especially when it comes
to preparing for the holidays.  By now our home would have been
decorated, all the gifts bought, wrapped and shipped.  The Christmas
dinner would be planned and most items already purchased. 
Well, not this year!
I have a ton of Christmas decorations stored in the attic at our Virginia home.  Here at
dad’s I was pretty much starting from scratch and needed to decorate on a budget.


 I added bottle brush trees from the Dollar Tree to Dad’s vintage truck.



The little tree was $2.00 at a thrift store and I added burlap around the
base.  Many of the ornaments came from GW or Dollar Tree.
(the picture looks crooked but actually the wall juts out)

Dad has a collection of vintage pocket watches that were added to the tree.

Several days after the tree was decorated I found a few boxes of vintage ball
ornaments in the garage.  Dad said he hadn’t seen them in over thirty years!
I guess I need to clean and organize his garage next.

We added the vintage turquoise ornaments to the mantle.

Free greens added to a large copper pot.

This year we may not have the most decorated home or the prettiest decorations.

 What we do have is a house full of love.

Happy Holidays,


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51 thoughts on “A Little Christmas Decor”

  1. And Love is the single most important thing! You have a tree and you did wonderful with it! I didn't know the dollar tree had bottle brushes, I only just got interested in them after being brainwashed on blogland by them lol, but there are some beauties to do make with them! Simplicity frees us up to do the more important things, like love.

  2. I think your decorations are beautiful and special since you did them for your sweet Dad! I'm sure he loves having you there and decorating his home. I love the pocket watches you added to the tree.

  3. OMGosh! Your GW and DT decorations are wonderful, especially the vintage turquoise ornaments on the mantel…love the little truck with the trees, too…and I agree, love is the most important thing.

  4. Sherry, LOVBE is what it's all about, right? Jesus loves us all and for that very reason He came. I love all that you have done, and I am sure your dad appreciates it all. You are a GOOD daughter. XO, Pinky

  5. I love everything about this… your dad's old pocket watches, you decorating your dad's house, and finding new treasures together. Just so sweet and a time you will cherish forever. You are a great decorator… no matter where you are!! Hugs!!

  6. Your dad must be loving this! It's wonderful that you have incorporated some of his prized possessions into the Christmas theme. This is one of the best displays in Blogland because it's all about love!

  7. Oh, Sherry, it is so sweet that you are able to do this for your dad. I know he appreciates you bringing some cheer to his world…and that's truly all that matters. That, in itself, is what the season is all about. The beauty is in the love!

  8. You are a wonderful daughter, my friend! The pocket watch tree really touched me! My dear departed Father loved watches as well. Please have a joyful Christmas with your loved ones and I hope your Father soon returns to good health!!

  9. It's so sweet that you are creating new memories from old. It's so nice that he has you there with him to celebrate this time of year!

  10. Sherry I think you have really brightened your father's Holidays! Adore your tree, it is very special, with the pocket watches and found ornaments!

    2012 Artists Series,

  11. so creative, just shows when you have little to work with your imagination goes in overdrive.
    happy holidays
    wishing you and your family good health in the coming year.

  12. Sherry,
    A house full of LOVE is what it's all about my friend. I know your dad is having a wonderful holiday season with you there with him. The pocket watches look great on the tree.


  13. Sherry! The decorations look magnificent! Boy do you have a good eye. Hard to believe many of the items came from the dollar store. Love the little truck with the bottle brush trees. What a great daughter you are!

  14. Sherry, the decorations look perfect, and they seem so suited for your Dad too. Your creativity really shines with the vintage watches and the truck. What a sweet daughter you are.
    Leslie (aka Gwen Moss)

  15. Love all the creative decorative touches that you added to Christmas at your daddy's house. Everything looks great but the addition of the watches is my favorite thing that you did. The little trees in the vintage truck is great too!

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