5 Ways To Refresh Your Balcony

I have always loved balconies, especially the beautiful iron ones of Savannah, Charleston and New Orleans.
A balcony can be a peaceful place to relax or an area to avoid, depending on how you make use of the space. If your balcony has somehow become a sort of catch-all, then maybe it’s time to reclaim it. Here are five easy ways to refresh your balcony and turn it into the quiet, beautiful area you knew it could be.

Source I can see having every meal on the beautiful balcony above.


1. Clean It Up

The first thing you need to do is clean up the area, especially if it has become a storage space for unused items. Go through everything you have placed on your balcony and either throw it out or make sure it has a reasonable designated space, organizing with storage boxes if necessary. Sweep away any dirt and wipe down the surfaces of the walls and furniture. If there is dirt and debris on the floor, sweep it up and throw it out.


2. Go Green


If you live in an apartment and your balcony is essentially your yard, then don’t be afraid to add some green scenery with plants. To permanently transform your balcony, choose perennials to get the same look year after year and plant them in railing planters. You can also change the scenery by having a few pots or planters for annuals that you switch throughout the year. You don’t have to overload your balcony with a forest of greens, but choose a few strategic places to put some stylish pots and have fun.

SourceHow Beautiful!  The picture above make me want to rush to the plant nursery.




3. Replace Railings


If you are allowed to make such changes, swap worn out railings for a new look. Pickets with a colorful design can be a particularly welcoming sight in the wintertime when your colorful view is limited. There are many different kinds to choose from, so choose a picket style that suits you and paint it whatever color you please.

4. Add Lights

You don’t need much, but a little bit of lighting can go a long way on a balcony. Take some light strands and wrap them along the railing, or use tea lights, lanterns, and other small lights on or around your furniture to create just the right mood. For safety reasons, avoid using real candles.


5. Fix  Something

 If you have had your balcony for a while, there may be a few things broken or in disrepair. Choose something to fix, repair, or update. You
can choose one thing each year, each month, each week, or each day. As you fix up your balcony, you may find yourself wanting to spend more time on it.  Appeal to Yourself If you’ve been avoiding your balcony like the plague, refreshing it using these tips could make it appealing again. Freshen up your balcony to your personal tastes, and you may find yourself entertaining and lounging on it more than ever.
I hope you enjoyed seeing these beautiful balconies and of course you can use the same ideas on your patios and porches.
Thank you for visiting and have a great day.

3 thoughts on “5 Ways To Refresh Your Balcony”

  1. Love the tips Sherry….I so love all of the balconies in the cities you mentioned and I was amazed at the gorgeous balconies in France (mainly Paris)…I have an upper porch, I guess I can now call it my balcony if I change out the railing to a gorgeous iron railing like the inspiration pics. Have a great weekend!

  2. Those are all such beautiful balconies. I don't have one on my house but I do have a front porch so maybe that counts. You shared some great ideas to make it pretty.

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