Friday, August 10, 2012

Giant Clam Shell & Some News

Hi everyone!
I hope you are doing well.

I wanted to show you where I put the large clam shell my dad gave me when we
visited a couple of weeks ago.   This shell has been in his rock garden for over
thirty five years.  I love the shell and it is even more special because it came from
 dad.  It will always have a special place in our home.

I am headed to Florida for an extended time and my blog will be on  hold
 until I return.  My Etsy shop will remain open and Steve will be handling
 any purchases in my absence.

  Thank you for understanding.  My time with dad is precious and he is my
priority now.



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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Open House Party

Open House Party
I can't believe another week has gone by and it is time again for the Open
House Party.  I look forward to seeing what you uber talented bloggers
have to share this week.

We had such great links last week and I appreciate everyone that joined
the party.  It is always hard to choose just a few links to feature.  Please take
a few minutes to check-out all the fabulous blogs featured this week.

Ron @ The Uptown Acorn sure knows how to create a beautiful
 room.  Take a look at his gorgeous coastal inspired mantel

The very talented Michelle @ A Pinch Of Prim made these darling mermaids.
Visit her blog to see all her wonderful creations.

Kristine shares her secrets for getting a perfect transfer image on fabric..
Visit Sophia's Decor to see all the beautiful things she has created.

Debbie @ Confessions Of Plate Addict  shares her wonderful vintage demitasse sugar
spooner. She hit the jackpot on this is the prettiest one I have ever seen.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks features.  Now on to the LinkyParty....

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Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Imagine my surprise when browsing through one of the high end decor websites I came
across these framed sea fans for sale.

The price is $2250.00 for ONE!

Are you kidding?

I have been selling unframed sea fans on Etsy for months now.  The above fan is framed
in an illusion frame, again similar to the ones below I used in our own home.  

Illusion frames are glass on both sides so the wall color shows through.  The sea fans also
look wonderful using a mat and a frame of your choice.

A couple of months ago I included light blue dyed sea fans to the other color options.

Look familiar?

The dyed sea fans sell on Etsy for $32.00 each and the illusion frames are $29.00 at Michaels. 
Of course, you can use the 40% off coupon at Michaels to save even more money.  These can
easily be framed in less than 10 minutes and I give directions how to do this with each purchase.

Some other colors available...

Thank you to everyone that has purchased my fans and all the sweet comments you
have left me.  I am so happy you are enjoying your purchase.

Please check out my Etsy shop for sea fans, intaglios and vintage decor.



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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Good, Bad & Ugly Part II & Giveaway Winner

Thanks to everyone that entered the Cutting Edge Giveaway.  The winner
of the giveaway is Joan @ For The Love Of A House.  Joan, enjoy your
new stencil.

A few days ago I shared some of the GOOD parts of our recent trip.
If you missed the post you can see it HERE.
Now for The BAD and the UGLY!
The Bad...
I really hate road trips!

  Normally, anything more than a two hours drive you'll find me booking
a flight.   What in the world possessed us to drive 2800+ miles from Virginia
to the Florida Panhandle and then on to Orlando?   We had our six year old
 grandson with us and I must say he handled the long trip much better than
I did.  The only whining and complaining was coming from me!
The Ugly
Don't let this innocent face fool you.

This is six month old Lilly (AKA Cujo ).   Steve and I both love dogs and we
were looking forward to watching our son's two puppies while they vacationed
in Miami.  We had no clue what we were getting into!

Lilly was upset her mom and dad left her and she spent the entire first
evening barking. After a sleepless night we awakened to her fury.  There
were chewed up shoes and Legos, torn paper towels and several piles
of poop on the carpet.  Our son told us Lilly was trained and never has
an  accident in the house...yeah right.  This was just the first of many.

The next day we took both dogs on long walks and to the dog park to play.  Lilly
jumps over the wall and heads to the lake.  A white dog and mud do not mix well. 
 One day she escaped out of the dog park. After a long and frantic search of the
neighborhood for Lilly,  a neighbor finds and returns her.

Like idiots,  we decided to take the dogs to my dad's house. Two hours round trip and
we had to leave after only thirty minutes, before the dogs did further damage. I won't
even talk about the over-turned plants and Lilly's car sickness.

Below is Lilly's accomplice, Max.

 Just a few of her many stunts was grabbing Steve's chicken right off his
 plate while he ate.  She pulled everything off the counter tops and chewed up the
packages.  She was acting like a crazy dog, running as fast as she could through
the house and jumping from one piece of furniture to another.  She is  not allowed
on the furniture and when we tried to stop her she would get right in our face and
bark continuously.  The last night she even snapped at me and our grandson. The
destructive behavior and constant barking were really working on our nerves.
After three days we threw in the towel and she went to Doggie Daycare. 

Steve and I had one wonderful, peaceful day! 

When our son and DIL arrived home they could not believe what we were
telling them about her behavior. Of course, She has never done any of these
things under their care!  They said she was angry because we didn't let her sleep
with us.

 We left Orlando the next morning as Lilly lay calmly
on the kitchen floor.  I swear I saw her smirking!


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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Open House Party

Welcome to the Open House Party!

Thanks to those of you that linked to last weeks party.  I realize there are
many blog parties for you to attend and I truly appreciate you joining the
Open House Party. 

We had a great vacation though no wifi access for a few days.  Please accept
my apologizes for not getting back to everyone that left comments.

Thanks for visiting and enjoy the links being featured this week.....

Erika @ BeBookBound created these cute labels for her toiletries.  She even shares
these custom labels with you on her blog.

Susan @ Must Love Junk beautifully accessorized her kitchen.  If you are not
familiar with this relatively new blog you are in for a real treat.

Such a pretty corner of the family room shared by Daisy Mae Belle.  To see more
 of this lovely home visit this charming blog.

Doesn't this cake look absolutely yummy?   The Cherry Streusel Coffee Cake recipe
is available at  Pine Cones And Acorns.  Thanks for posting this Elizabeth!

I look forward to seeing what you have to share this week so on to the party....

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