Tuesday, July 27, 2010

More House Tour

As promised here are more pictures of my son and DIL home.  If you missed the first part of the tour you can see that  here.  Jonathan and Heather really appreciated all the kind comments you left regarding their home.  They have really put their heart, soul and aching back into this renovation and it means a lot to read your feedback.  I thank you!

Sunroom/TV room

Family room

One of the guest rooms

Master Bedroom

French doors lead to second story terrace

Back of house

Thanks for dropping by and I hope you enjoyed the tour.  I am joining the parties at:

Hugs, Sherry 

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I've Been Very Busy

I have been really busy the last couple of weeks working on some way overdue projects and organizing.  I showed you the recovered dining room chairs in my last post.  If you missed this you can see it  here.
At my favorite local junk shop I found what I believe is part of a foot board for $3.00.  The size and shape was perfect for a sign I had in mind.

I sanded then dry brushed the wood with a mix of white and cream craft paint

Here is the  font I chose and then enlarged..  Using carbon paper I traced the letters to the board and then painted with a paint pen. The paint pen is the absolute best thing to use on a project like this. Saves tons of time and it is easy to get clean, crisp lines.  Some sanding and Ralph Lauren smoke glaze and the sign was finished.  My cost was the $3.00 piece of wood and $2.25 for the paint pen. Everything else was left over from previous projects.


I am happy with the results, especially since it is my first attempt at making a sign  Notice the address...Carroll is my last name!

This is the signs new home!

A sneak peek at what else we have been up to....

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Project + Funny Story

Hello everyone!  I am so glad you dropped by.... I could really use a break.   I finally tackled some projects that have been on my very long to-do list.  Let me show you  some of what I have been up to.

This is our dining room now.

This was what the chairs looked like before I recovered them.  An electric staple gun was a must on this project. 

There is a funny story about buying this set off Craigslist.  I purchased the dining table, six chairs and a buffet for $300.  I contacted the seller by email and he told me his real estate agent would meet me.

I drive up to this gorgeous home in Destin, Fl.  I am talking about at least a two million dollar plus home.    The real estate shows up and I pay him for the set and make arrangements to pick it up the next day.   

I show up the next day with the two men I hired to deliver the furniture.  The real estate agent tells me the owner is awaiting trial for tax evasion, money laundering, racketeering and several other charges. His business partner had already been sentenced to 30 years in prison and the seller expected a similar sentence.  He was currently out on bond and was trying to liquidate everything before going to prison.

While we are loading the furniture the home owner calls his agent. He makes us unload the buffet in the driveway and has the agent pulling out all the drawers and looking inside while still on the phone with the him.  The seller keeps telling  him to look again, and again, and again. The agent is getting very annoyed by this time and starts yelling that there is nothing  inside the buffet.  They hang up and just a couple minutes later the owner calls again and tells the agent to pull out all the drawers and check the bottom of each one. The seller calls a third  time and this time wants the movers to flip the buffet so the agent can see the bottom. 

 When I finally got the set home hubby and I tore the buffet apart looking for the missing item. I was praying we wouldn't find an envelope with drugs or anything else illegal. I worried for a couple of weeks that the seller might track me down and send some goon to retrieve his missing item.  You never know what you will encounter when buying off Craigslist!

If you are still with me after this really long post can you guess what my next project is? Here is a hint.

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xo, Sherry

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Cloche Party

Marty at  A Stroll Thru Life  is having a Cloche Party!  I love Cloches and I am forever changing things around in mine.  Here are photos of current displays as well as some from the past. Enjoy!

I have added my collection of silver mirrors and vanity items to this cloche. It sits on a favorite silver bowl.

This one is from Christmas last year.

Marty said you could call any type of container a "cloche" for this party so I am including my birdhouse. The top opens and I use this as a carrier for my transferware.

I dressed this bird cage up with a chandelier, vintage photos and perfume bottle.

Here is my largest "cloche" of all!  A tall candle in a glass vase in the center and it is surrounded by seashells, coral, sea fans and glass floats.

I hope you enjoyed my collection.  Please visit Marty's Cloche Party at  A Stroll Thru Life

I am also joining:

Have a great weekend!
Hugs, Sherry

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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Home Tour

Hi everyone!  In my last post I promised to show you more pictures of our oldest son and daughter-in-law's home. Before I get to that I would like to share some history with you.

The home was built in 1918 and Jonathan and Heather are only the third owners.  They purchased the property from an estate approximately seven years ago. The previous owner was an heir to the family that started Christian Children's Network.  She was running the family business from this home and divided it into offices and cubicles. When Jonathan and Heather bought the home it had not been updated since the 1950s.  The tiny kitchen was the worse with horrible rusted metal cabinets, nasty floor and counter tops. The entire home was in a total state of disrepair.  Plaster was falling from the ceilings, windows boarded up, walls put up everywhere for offices and virtually no maintenance done for years. They took on a major remodeling of the entire house, doing a lot of the work them self while trying to maintain the original architecture of the property. 

                          The home has 7000+ square feet spread out over three levels plus a carriage house .

The foyer is so large that one winter when it was too cold to go outside my granddaughter learned to ride her bike in here. The floors are all the original white marble.

All of the moulding and trim work is plaster and some of it was missing.  New pieces were created to match seamlessly with the trim original to the house. There is a button built into the floor that the lady of the home would press with her foot when the staff was needed in the dining room. How cool is that?

 The kitchen was enlarged by tearing down a wall between the cooking area and the staff's eat-in area.  My photo makes the cabinets look bright yellow where they are really a pretty soft yellow.  There is white subway tile behind the stove, back splash and the tile goes all the way to the ceiling.  I love the stove  hood!

                         See the Pottery Barn bottle chandelier?   The terracotta floors were installed by

                                      Again,  The cabinets are not Big Bird yellow nor is the living room below!

My six year old granddaughters room. You can't tell in the photos but the chandy is pink!  An artist did the mural behind the bed as well as one in her bathroom. Isn't this sweet?. I have to include this room in Pink Saturdays at  How Sweet The Sound.  

Thanks for taking this tour with me!  I will show more photos of the home in a later post.

Please drop by these parties and enjoy all the fun!  Thanks ladies for hosting.

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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fourth Of July Party

We spent the holiday at our son and daughter-in-law's annual Fourth Of July party.  They had about 30 people attend, with about half of those being children. The kids had a ball on the giant water slide they set up in the back yard while the adults enjoyed a nice time outside. There was lots of food,  including about fifteen different desserts. I had to try a bite of each dessert and boy did I have a sugar headache the next day.  I really should know better...but it was so good!  Of course we had to bring some leftovers home.

I'll show more of their home in a later post.

At 9:00 PM we all headed to the second floor terrace for fireworks. They have absolutely the best place in Richmond to watch the show! The fireworks are sponsored by the city and set off in the park about 200 yards from their home.  It feels like you can reach out and touch them. I can't even describe how spectacular this is. 

This is our grandson (white shirt) and a friend watching the show.  And.......here are are the fireworks!

I am attending the following parties:

I hope you had a safe and happy Fourth Of July!
xo, Sherry
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Monday, July 5, 2010

Tuscan Breakfast On Deck

This is a re-post from last year but I had to join Kim at Savvy Southern Style  for the Summer Deck and Porches Party.  I just realized I used some of the same items in my Summer Entertaining post for the Blog Party tomorrow night!  I hope you won't be sick of seeing some of the same willow things again.


We have had a few cooler days here in Richmond so I decided we would have breakfast on the deck.  What a gorgeous day...if it would only stay this way.

See my new gray willow candlesticks? Well, they were not originally gray and the food cover was originally painted white. I'll be doing a DIY post later on transforming wicker, rattan or willow into the new popular gray.

I found the willow food dome at an antique mall. It's not an old piece but I really liked it.

The carrier and the napkin rings I purchased with my gift card from our son and DIL.

 The candlesticks came from a garden shop that was going out of business and had some great reductions.

The first project we did to our home was to add this extension to the deck.  I love having the extra space for seating.

.  Oh No!  I forgot to tell you not to eat the cantaloupe. I hope you did not break a tooth!  I should have told you these are faux cantaloupe.  Did I fool anyone? 

I'll be back tomorrow evening for "Summer Entertaining" and I look forward to seeing what you have to share.  Thanks to Vanessa and Heather of  At The Picket Fence  for all their hard work putting this party together.
Hugs, Sherry
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